Virginia Senate Democrats just sold their souls by passing this one radical piece of legislation

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Democrats were able to lock in a very slim majority in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly in the 2023 election.

With such a slim majority, many would expect Democrat legislators to be very careful about which issues they pursue.

But Virginia Senate Democrats just sold their souls by passing this one radical piece of legislation.

States are Struggling from Biden’s Border Crisis

With the border crisis continuing to spiral out of control, states have struggled to find new revenue streams to provide support for the illegal aliens in their communities.

After Texas began shipping these illegal aliens to sanctuary cities and states, Democrats finally began to realize the true cost of Biden’s border crisis.

The results have caused several major Democrats to support action to fix the border, and the polls are reflecting that voters from both sides of the aisle agree that this must be done.

Due to the growing national consensus that the border is broken and must be fixed, it would make sense to believe that purple states, or states with slim majorities in their legislatures, would avoid siding with the widely unpopular radical Left on this issue.

But Virginia Democrats are choosing a different path.

And it’s one path that has most political experts confused and scratching their heads.

Senate Democrats in Virginia just passed a radical piece of legislation effectively selling their souls to likely defeat in the next election.

The bill not only supports the radical Left’s position on providing sanctuary status to millions of illegal aliens, but also sides them against the roughly 65% of voters who think Biden has utterly failed Americans at the border.

According to, “Virginia Democrats have advanced a bill called the ‘Cover All Kids’ Act that aims to provide taxpayer-funded comprehensive health care coverage to uninsured illegal immigrants under 19 years old.”

The bill, which was passed on party lines, has been criticized for being one of the biggest incentives yet for illegal immigrants to move to Virginia.

Republican State Senator Glen Sturtevant has been one of the most vocal opponents of this proposal.

Arguing that Biden’s radical border agenda has effectively turned every state into a border state, Sturtevant took to X to inform voters of the insane proposal.

“Virginia Democrats in the General Assembly are making every effort to undermine legal immigration and incentivize illegal immigration into the commonwealth,” he wrote. “These bad policies jeopardize not just Virginia’s healthcare system but create perverse incentives that illegal immigrants will see as a green light to travel to Virginia for free schooling, driver’s licenses, and now, free healthcare.”

In its current form, the proposal would provide healthcare covered at 205% of the federal poverty level, effectively making Virginia one of the most desirable places for illegal aliens to live.

With the border crisis continuing to be Biden’s biggest thorn in his side, it is shocking that Virginia Democrats would use their paper-thin majority to pursue such radical policies.

If voters remember this bill by the time the House of Delegates election comes up next November, this could spell a major disaster for their two-seat majority.

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