E. Jean Carroll told Rachel Maddow what she plans to do with her payout from Trump

Screenshot via Youtube, MSNBC

Left-wing ideologues in the judiciary just passed down a major ruling against Donald Trump.

According to Judge Kaplan, E. Jean Carroll should receive over $80 million from the former President.

And E. Jean Carroll told Rachel Maddow what she plans to do with her payout from Trump. 

Trump accuser handed $83 million judgment in defamation case

Jean Carroll has been making headlines in recent months for a lawsuit that she filed against President Donald Trump.

The suit revolves around the allegation that Trump raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman department store during the mid-90s. 

The case was challenged by Trump, who has vehemently denied the accusation. 

Trump’s public denial resulted in the defamation case against him after he claimed that she was crazy and not his “type.” 

But despite his denials and her inability to recall the year—let alone what day it happened—the jury has ruled in her favor. 

The final court ruling awarded Carroll with over $83 million in damages for the so-called defamatory comments that Trump made regarding the accusation. 

Now Carroll is taking a victory lap with her friends in the mainstream media.

“I have such great ideas for all the good I’m going to do with this money”

Appearing for an interview with Rachel Maddow, Carroll was asked what her plans were for the money now that the case is over. 

“You’ve talked about using some of Trump’s money that you’re about to get, to help shore up women’s rights,” Maddow began.

The MSNBC host went on to ask her to give some examples of “what that might look like.” 

Flanked by two of her attorneys, Carroll cheekily responded by saying that she knows exactly what she’s going to spend the money on.

“Yes, Rachel, yes,” she said with a smile.

“Tell me!” Maddow responded.

“I have such great ideas for all the good I’m going to do with this money,” she said. 

The Trump accuser then went on a rant that totally shocked her lawyers and the television host.

“You want to go fishing in France?”

“First thing, Rachel, you and I are going to go shopping. We’re going to get completely new wardrobes, new shoes,” Carroll said, before adding that she may even get a motorcycle and fishing pole for her lawyers. 

The attorneys smiled and looked on despite the strange comment. 

Carroll then proceeded to challenge their composure.

“Rachel, what do you want? Penthouse? It’s yours!” Carroll said.

Starting to look slightly uncomfortable, Maddow said “nothing” with a short laugh.

“Penthouse and France? Do you want France? You want to go fishing in France?” Carroll continued. 

“No,” Maddow replied.

One of Carroll’s lawyers took the opportunity to respond by trying to clarify that it was only a “joke.”

Maddow then tried to build on the joke and bring the conversation back to women’s rights. 

“If me fishing in France could do something for women’s rights, I would take the hit. I would obviously take one for the team,” she said.

The awkward exchange was clipped and disseminated widely on social media and reached millions of people in a matter of hours. 

Trump has already announced his intention to appeal the ruling, and this video will certainly not help Carroll in that process.

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