Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spilled the beans on his murder of a groundhog with one interview you have to see to believe

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

Democrats in New York should be used to dealing with large rodents.

But one altercation between former NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and a groundhog ended with blood on his hands.

And former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spilled the beans on his murder of a groundhog with one interview you have to see to believe.

Big rodents and New York City go great together

New York City has taken a turn for the worse over the years thanks to the fact that its been under continuous Democrat control for over a decade.

Now, you are more likely to get mugged on the street than you are to see a street performer.

Crime in New York has risen with an annual 6.3% increase in assaults, and a 15.0% increase in grand larceny for 2023 compared to 2022.

And just to make things worse, the city is being overrun by illegal aliens who flock to the city that is now known worldwide for its catch and release court system that refuses to throw anyone in jail for a crime.

But there has been one thing about New York that has been consistent through the good and the bad times; giant rodents.

Nowhere else in America will you see a rat the size of a house cat roaming the streets looking for the next trashcan it’s going to raid.

And for years, the rodents of New York and the Democrats who allow these massive creatures to thrive have learned to co-exist.

Bill de Blasio jokes about killing beloved Chuck the groundhog

But Bill de Blasio never got used to massive rodents.

Back in 2014, during Groundhog Day, many people remember the tragedy that took place live on-air as Mayor de Blasio dropped the beloved Staten Island Chuck.

And a few days later, the famous groundhog was found dead after tumbling 6 feet to the ground after de Blasio dropped Chuck on the cement ground.

The loss of the groundhog was a huge story in New York City, and some have even speculated that the killing ruined his chances to advance his political career even further.

Now, on the tenth anniversary of the killing of Staten Island Chuck, de Blasio opened up about the incident.

One journalist asked him if he had any thoughts he wanted to share about the untimely death of the groundhog in which de Blasio replied back, “Any event at 7 in the morning featuring an agitated live animal doesn’t end well.”

Saying that the killing of Chuck didn’t “end well” is an understatement as New York City was gripped by “Groundhog gate” after the New York zoo tried to cover up the fact that de Blasio murdered the large rodent.

Truly a sad day for all Americans, and just proof that Democrats can’t even hold a rodent correctly.

Are Democrats good at anything?