James O’Keefe just released a shocking admission by one Biden official regarding the 2024 election

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Joe Biden spent much of his 2020 Presidential campaign hiding from the American public in his basement.

That’s why it’s no surprise that they are actively running cover for the President going into the 2024 election.

But James O’Keefe just released a shocking admission by one Biden official regarding the 2024 election.

James O’Keefe risks everything by going on a “date” with a White House official

James O’Keefe is known for capturing corruption on tape by way of undercover journalists going on dates with government officials and business leaders. 

Typically, the expert in undercover journalism uses other people to catfish their targets and then ask them questions while secretly recording the date.

But in the case of O’Keefe’s latest story, he was the one going on the date.

“DOUBLE DARE: What are the odds someone who works in the current White House recognizes me ‘on a date’ if I just spray paint my hair and wear big eyeglasses?” he asked last week in a poll on X.

Funny enough, most of his followers on the platform said that they wouldn’t recognize him.

And that’s exactly what happened when he found a senior White House official on a dating app.

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst exposes himself on dating site

According to LinkedIn, Charlie Kraiger is a Cybersecurity Policy Analyst and Foreign Affairs Desk Officer at the White House. 

In the role for over three years, Kraiger was with Biden from the beginning of his term as President and was part of the State Department prior to that.

Despite being a Cybersecurity expert with the federal government, the Biden official exposed himself in a big way on Tinder. 

Kraiger publicly described himself as a “Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at U.S. Government” on his dating profile , which was all O’Keefe needed to know that he had his mark.

After the video of his date with the undercover journalist went viral on social media, he quickly locked down all of his public profiles. 

But the story isn’t about this man’s total ignorance of the undercover right-wing journalist or whether he may still be employed by Biden. 

It’s about what he told O’Keefe when he went on the date.

“She’s a woman and she’s multiracial”

Kraiger acknowledged the Biden administration realizes that “polling shows” a dwindling chance that he will be reelected in November. 

“He’s definitely slowing down,” Kraiger said when O’Keefe implied that the President has “dementia.” 

Then the Cybersecurity expert said that they were also aware that Kamala Harris is “not popular” enough to carry the ticket.

Kraiger said that there was a “debate” over whether the campaign should be “removing her from the ticket, but sadly they didn’t.”

“You can’t remove the first black lady to be Vice President from the godd**n Presidential ticket,” he said. 

Kraiger explained that people wouldn’t accept her being removed from the ticket because “she’s a woman and she’s multiracial.”

The Biden official added that Harris wasn’t even able to “keep black staff” and that they always end up quitting their jobs. 

They know Biden won’t make it through a second term.

And despite her unpopularity, they’re too afraid to replace Harris.

This is the direction that the Biden administration is going in the final year of his first term.

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