Tulsi Gabbard took everyone by surprise when she made this major 2024 decision

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Tulsi Gabbard has undergone a major political transformation since running for President as a Democrat in 2020.

But that change could put her in the thick of the election.

And Tulsi Gabbard took everyone by surprise when she made this major 2024 decision.

Fox News contributor Tulsi Gabbard has become one of the most interesting people in politics after she ran for the Democrat Party’s Presidential nomination in the 2020 election.

The former Hawaii Congresswoman became an Independent and abandoned many of her left-wing positions.

When she announced that she was becoming an Independent, Gabbard blasted “warmongers” in the Democrat Party “who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue.”

She’s also become an outspoken critic of President Joe Biden’s weaponization of the government.

Tulsi Gabbard turned down an offer to become Vice Presidential candidate

Gabbard told ABC News that she turned down an offer from Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to become his running mate.

“I met with Kennedy several times, and we have become good friends,” Gabbard said in a statement. “He asked if I would be his running mate. After careful consideration, I respectfully declined.”

Kennedy was looking at high-profile running mates like New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe to join him on the ticket.

He picked lawyer Nicole Shanahan – a Big Tech attorney and the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

“There were definitely meetings, but it didn’t work out,” a source close to the Kennedy campaign told ABC. “We talked to a bunch of people. Tulsi’s a rock star no matter what.”

Gabbard never offered an explanation for why she turned down the offer from Kennedy, but it could be because she was seeking a different Vice Presidential slot.

Gabbard in the running to be Donald Trump’s running mate

Former President Donald Trump confirmed that Gabbard’s name was on the shortlist to be his running mate at a Fox News town hall in February.

She appeared on Donald Trump, Jr.’s Triggered podcast in March and said she was open to becoming the former President’s running mate.

“I would be honored to serve my country in that way,” Gabbard said about being Trump’s Vice President. “I’d be honored to actually be in a position to help President Trump to execute his policies — bringing the experience I have had being on the front lines of many of these battles and actually understanding what we are up against.”

She emphasized that she could help Trump implement his political agenda.

“And so whether you’re talking about securing the border, reducing inflation, improving our economy, stopping these Democrats or ― and establishment Republicans ― stopping these warmongers from continuing to push us closer and closer to war, not just in one country, but in multiple regions across the world,” Gabbard said, before adding that “these are things, if I had the opportunity and privilege of being able to serve and support President Trump in actually executing these policies, I’d be honored to do so.”

Tulsi Gabbard could be the wildcard pick to join Donald Trump on the Republican ticket.

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