Robert Kennedy Jr. made one game-changing proposal that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage

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Even though the General Election is nearly nine months out, a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden seems all but inevitable. 

However, a series of recent gaffes and reports have the Joe Biden camp on edge. 

And Robert Kennedy Jr. made one game-changing proposal that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage. 

Voters may have more than just two legitimate options this November

Even though the Primary season has just begun, a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden seems very likely. 

Having said that, Joe Biden has made headlines for committing a series of humiliating gaffes on the national stage. 

To make matters worse for Joe Biden and his supporters, Special Counsel Robert Hur issued a report claiming that he would not pursue charges against the President for his alleged mishandling of classified documents due to his poor memory and old age. 

Special Counsel Hur went as far as to reveal that Joe Biden could not remember the year his son Beau died. 

As a result, many are questioning Joe Biden’s viability moving forward, especially as voters consider whether they want him to serve until 2029. 

One such American is Independent Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., who took his concerns to Fox News on Monday. 

“I think anybody can make up their mind about [Biden’s situation] as well as I can,” Kennedy Jr. said. “I hope that if he has the kind of cognitive challenges that the Special Counsel indicated he has, and if I were in that position, a member of my family or staff would approach me and assist me in gently stepping down.”

Kennedy then added that if Joe Biden wants to prove to the American public that he can serve for another four years, then he should participate in “unscripted” discussions with the public about the top issues. 

“Tell us what he’s going to do about closing the border,” Kennedy Jr. said. “Tell us what he’s going to do about restoring the middle class, about ending the forever-wars around the world, about unraveling corporate capture, and all these issues that are critical to our country right now,” before adding that “we need a President who is on the ball, somebody who we all trust to answer that phone call at 3:00 in the morning.”

Kennedy’s concern represents how millions of Americans feel about President Joe Biden

Although many 81-year-olds show signs of cognitive decline, Joe Biden can no longer put a basic sentence together. 

Nearly every public event results in Joe Biden wandering off stage, delivering some sort of word salad, or muttering total nonsense.  

Many political experts believe that Democrats could unveil a new candidate before November, but the biggest question remains who that could be. 

Some of the names floated so far include former First Lady Michelle Obama, California Governor Gavin Newsom, or someone completely out of left field. 

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