LeBron James just threw another on-court temper tantrum that had fans rolling their eyes

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The Los Angeles Lakers won’t be moving on in the NBA playoffs.

Lakers’ superstar and renowned crybaby LeBron James was clearly frustrated.

And LeBron James just threw another on-court temper tantrum that had fans rolling their eyes.

LeBron James got into a heated exchange with Lakers head coach Darvin Ham during Saturday’s fourth game of the first-round NBA playoff series against the Denver Nuggets.

A sign of bad things to come

The Lakers ended up winning that game and barely escaped elimination.

But they lost their next game to the Nuggets, which knocked them out of the playoffs.

James’ latest meltdown took place during the fourth quarter of a home game when they were ahead of the Nuggets by 15 points and down in the series three games to none.

Even though they ended up winning game four, things would not go so well for the Lakers in game five.

James’ meltdown came after he knocked the ball out of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s hands and sent it flying out of bounds.

The referee signaled that James touched it last and that the Nuggets would retain possession.

James immediately began shouting that Denver touched the ball last and he demanded coach Darvin Ham challenge the call.

When the Lakers coach refused to do so, James threw an epic fit.

James began shouting, pointing, and was clearly agitated, if not downright infuriated.

This temper tantrum went on for at least 15 seconds as the game continued.

In fact, while James was still ranting and raving, play resumed and Jamal Murray scored on the Lakers.

James rants and raves and gives up an easy basket

“He compounded the problem by not paying attention, and then Denver got the easy basket,” ESPN play-by-play broadcaster Dave Pasch said.

It wasn’t until several minutes later that James appeared to finally calm down.

Despite the temper tantrum, James went on to lead the Lakers to a 119-108 victory in their first win of the series.

He scored 30 points and had five rebounds and four assists while his teammate Anthony Davis added 25 points and 23 rebounds.

“We gave ourselves another lifeline, and it’s a one-game series for us,” James said after the win. “So Monday’s game is the most important game of the season for us, and we understand that.”

Unfortunately for James and Lakers fans everywhere, that Monday night game wouldn’t go as he hoped.

The Lakers lost a close game five to the Nuggets and ended their playoff run.

But the loss may have ended LeBron James’ time as a Laker as well.

After the loss, James was asked if he had given any thought that this might be his last time donning his number 23 jersey for the Lakers.

“I’m not going to answer that,” James said.

No matter what James decides to do, fans are becoming increasingly fed up with his temper tantrums.

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