Newt Gingrich just suggested that a “rebellion” is imminent for the Democrat Party

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Democrat lawmakers always stand in lockstep and it’s rare to see them break with colleagues.

But the Biden administration is beginning to take a toll on the unity of the Party ahead of the election.

And Newt Gingrich just suggested that a “rebellion” is imminent for the Democrat Party. 

Only 11 percent of people believe there is “no real” concern over Biden’s competency

In recent years, it’s been difficult to find a topic that truly unifies the majority of Americans. 

But a new poll conducted by NBC News might have finally found the topic to do just that. 

The national poll surveyed voter sentiment on the top two contenders for the Presidency in 2024 — Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The poll asked voters to assess the level of concern they have over Biden’s “mental and physical health” and whether it would impact his ability to lead in a second term. 

Only 11 percent of respondents said that the President’s physical and mental competency was “no real” concern, and more than 75 percent said that it was at least a “moderate concern.” 

Only 51 percent of Americans expressed concern over Donald Trump’s competency.

While many Republicans have been sounding the alarm on this issue since Biden took office, there is one that we have yet to hear from.

Democrat Party “can’t put this guy up this fall”

In an interview this week with Sean Hannity, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighed in on the topic of Biden’s mental health. 

The Republican politician said that he was concerned about Biden’s “cognitive decline” and warned that there could be a “genuine rebellion” in the Democrat Party over the issue.

“I’m beginning to think maybe Biden will not be the nominee,” he said, citing concerns for the President’s mental welfare.

Gingrich said there have been a “number of recent examples where he couldn’t remember what he was saying, or couldn’t remember who he was talking to.” 

That led the former House Speaker to only one plausible outcome, which is that the Democrat Party “can’t put this guy up this fall.”

“It’s very clear that Biden right now is drifting into Jimmy Carter territory, where people just think he’s not competent,” Gingrich added.

Gingrich floats idea of Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer as a replacement

The conversation then turned to who the Democrats might select as a pinch-hitter for Biden, to which Gingrich explained there isn’t a clear answer. 

The radical Left would love to see Kamala Harris step in to fill this role, but that is only a small fraction of voters. 

“The rest of the country would recoil in horror and she would lose in a landslide,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich said “it’s very hard to imagine” that they would convince Michelle Obama to take Biden’s place going into November. 

However, he said “you could have the Governor of California, or the Governor of Michigan or Pennsylvania” step in to replace Biden. 

But the one thing Gingrich is certain about is that Democrat strategists view this as a “catastrophe at least comparable to 1980 with Ronald Reagan, and the answer can’t involve Joe Biden.”

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