Joe Rogan just exposed the Left’s latest effort to normalize child abuse

Screenshot via Youtube, Joe Rogan

The number-one podcast in America is the Joe Rogan Experience. 

When Joe Rogan talks, America listens – especially when he weighs in on politics. 

And Joe Rogan just exposed the Left’s latest effort to normalize child abuse. 

Joe Rogan is moving further to the Right

Despite what Big Media would have you believe, Joe Rogan is not a conservative.

He has, however, become disillusioned with Democrats as the Party has moved to the radical Left.

Like most celebrities, Rogan used to live in Los Angeles.

But Rogan moved to Austin, Texas, and launched a new comedy club, The Comedy Mothership, where comedians are allowed to speak freely. 

He parts ways with the Left on free speech, the border crisis, pandemic policies, and so-called “trans rights” propaganda.

But now the Left has a new pet issue that has Rogan seeing red. 

The Left’s new pet project: Protecting pedophiles

Woke radicals have done such a good job advancing the trans issue that they’ve now added pedophiles to their list of protected classes. 

In fact, they’ve created a new term for it, “minor attracted people,” or “MAPs.” 

Rogan is calling out the change in language. 

While speaking with City Journal writer and senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, Christopher F. Rufo, the subject of pedophilia and the Left’s acceptance of it came up for discussion. 

“So, the question is why,” Rufo began. “Why are adults so interested in this? What is the ideological goal, the personal goal?”

Rogan answered by expressing his true feelings about the woke effort to normalize pedophilia. 

“Stop trying to dress it up with a new word,” Rogan said. “You already have a word for it. This one’s been driving me f*****g crazy lately. I saw two politicians in two different speeches talk about protecting minor attracted persons. You’re talking about pedophiles.”

The slippery slope plays out yet again

Rogan couldn’t come up with a reason for why Democrats are now taking up the cause of child abusing pedophiles. 

“This idea that you are going to minimize the harm caused by evil criminals who steal children’s lives, ruin their lives forever, and you’re just going to call them a minor attracted person and try to say that it’s an identity – for what reason,” Rogan asked. “To what end? Why would you want to do that?” 

Rufo pointed out that this is the result of a journey that the radical Left has been taking for many years. 

“You look at even something that has been propagandized at length – drag queen story hour,” Rufo explained. “Let’s just break it down to the basic facts. These are adult men dressing up in women’s clothing, dancing, and performing for other people’s children. That should be a red flag for people. But they’ve couched it in this language. You’re talking about euphemisms, very soft-sounding words [like] tolerance [and] inclusion. But you’re concealing from people the fact that it’s uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t want to do that.” 

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