This top Democrat wants to give illegal aliens a $10,000 gift card

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

Joe Biden created the border crisis.

But Joe Biden isn’t the only Democrat throwing kerosene on the fire.

And this top Democrat wants to give illegal aliens a $10,000 gift card.

Joe Biden trafficked more than 100,000 illegal aliens into New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams previously spoke out against this smuggling operation by saying it would “destroy” New York City.

But now Adams is surrendering the open borders caucus on the Left and creating a new magnet to help attract even more illegal aliens into America.

Because of schemes like the one Adams cooked up to spend $53 million on handing out $10,000 prepaid gift cards to illegal aliens, smugglers can now sell them on the idea that Joe Biden will let them drink from the taxpayer trough if they make it across the border.

Adams defended the move by claiming it would help feed the illegal aliens that Biden is shipping into his city.

“People want to give the impression that we did this in the cloak of secrecy, that we’re not saving money, that’s just inaccurate,” Adams stated.

“I know on the first brush you look at it and say, ‘wait a minute, what are you doing, you’re giving people cards?’” Adams added. “This was a small policy shift that we’re doing on a pilot project with 500 people. If this is successful, we’re going to expand it even more.”

“We’ve been looking at this product, MoCaFi, and this concept for close to three years now,” Adams continued. “This is not something that just popped up last year.”

But in light of the despicable video of a gang of illegal alien thugs pummeling two New York City Police Officers and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg letting some of them waltz out of court with no bail, City Council members want to look like they are cracking down on illegal immigration into the city.

And Councilmember Gale Brewer wants answers about Adams’ $10,000 taxpayer funded giveaway to illegal aliens.

“I think you should bid it out to see who would do the best job at the best cost for taxpayers,” Brewer stated.

Like other welfare programs, Brewer saw this as rife with the potential for abuse and questioned why Adams awarded the contract from the $10,000 prepaid gift cards on a no-bid basis.

“I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work. I do see from the release it will be for diapers and baby products and food, but you have to be careful that that’s what it’s actually going to be for,” Brewer added.

Adams defended the program by pointing out that the company handing out the gift cards is minority owned.

“WMBs — you know, women — and minority-owned businesses — have historically been locked out, so I know I’m disrupting what people traditionally would like for us to do,” Adams stated.

New York City Democrats once proudly declared it a sanctuary city.

But now that illegal aliens have overrun the city, Democrat politicians are looking to scapegoat each other for this disaster.

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