Kathy Griffin was sent into a fit of rage after her show was cut short

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After Donald Trump won in 2016, a long list of celebrities declared their intentions to flee the country. 

Of course, almost none of them ended up leaving.

And Kathy Griffin was sent into a fit of rage after her show was cut short. 

This protest outraged comedian Kathy Griffin as she tried to revive her career

For decades, Donald Trump mingled and did business with celebrities from all over the globe. 

However, as soon as he announced his candidacy for President, most of his celebrity friends turned on him. 

Some even went as far as to threaten their departure from the country after he won in 2016, but few made good on this promise. 

Comedian Kathy Griffin joined the ranks of Donald Trump-hating celebrities and took her hatred to the next level in 2017 by posing with a replica of his severed head in a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields. 

This stunt sent her already declining career into a tailspin.

But in an attempt to revive it, Kathy Griffin has hit the road for what she calls the My Life on the D-List comedy tour. 

During a show last Sunday in Huntington, New York, a caravan of Trump supporters interrupted her by carrying signs showing their support for Donald Trump and attacking her ill-fated photoshoot from 2017. 

On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin appeared on ABC’s The View and addressed the protests in Huntington by saying that “they’re crazed over me!” 

“So there was an actual parade Sunday night at my show in Huntington, New York, and they had all these Trumpers organize an anti-Kathy Griffin parade,” she said. “It was kind of funny because they did have a bobbing redhead of me, an effigy, and they had — they were shouting ‘I’m a traitor’ and all this other stuff. But the audience came and saw it, so it was like hate on the outside and inclusive love and laughs on the inside and it was sold out.”

Despite the damage that Kathy Griffin’s vicious hatred for Donald Trump has caused her career, she has made it clear on many occasions that she hates him now more than ever and will not relent on voicing her outrage on this matter. 

Kathy Griffin and her Hollywood friends have no idea how many Americans feel

There has always been a major disconnect between Hollywood and average Americans.  

As blue-collar workers work long grueling shifts, Hollywood elites are paid millions of dollars to pretend for a living and they think they are better and smarter as a result.  

This disconnect has become most obvious when it comes to Donald Trump and the support he enjoys from working-class Americans. 

Kathy Griffin’s hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters highlights this disconnect and could explain why she has seen her success sink like a rock in recent years. 

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