NFL fans are fuming after executives took this big step to becoming a powderpuff league

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America’s grit and toughness used to be showcased in the NFL. 

But the League once known for its massive hits is now doing everything it can to ruin its persona of toughness. 

And NFL fans are fuming after executives took this big step to becoming a powderpuff league.

Can they just put on the flags at this point?

It’s fourth down and one and you are the running back about to dive across the line of scrimmage. 

You glance up and see Dick Butkus grinding his teeth across from you at middle linebacker. 

Odds are you will think twice about leaping into the air for the first down with Butkus in front of you with every intention of ruining your life. 

But would you say the same thing today if you saw a modern-day linebacker starring you down?

The NFL has changed greatly over the past few decades. 

But the biggest and most frustrating area of change for many fans is how soft the League has become. 

Back in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, players earned their dollars as each hit they took could end their career.

Massive hits were the name of the game, and fans loved it. 

You would get the biggest cheers from the crowd when a player like Lawrence Taylor made a poor quarterback’s soul leave his body with a bone-crushing hit. 

Now nearly every big play that involves a big hit will make a referee have a heart attack. 

If you put a finger on a quarterback, then it’s an automatic personal foul. 

When an offensive linemen hits someone with a good block, it’s a 15 yard penalty. 

Tackle someone by their hair and you are thrown out of the game. 

We are just one more rule change away from the NFL becoming flag football or a glorified powder puff league.

And it looks like that rule is finally here.

Hip-drop Tackle is a thing of the past

Earlier this week, League owners voted to make the notorious “hip-drop tackle” a penalty in the NFL. 

The hip-drop tackle is when a player wraps his arms around a defender and then just drops his weight to the ground. 

The technique is really one of the least aggressive ways to tackle a player. 

But the owners decided to continue their trend of ruining the League and ruled, over the objections of the NFL Players Union, that the common tackling technique will be an automatic 15-yard penalty. 

This ruling comes after several players were hurt by the tackling technique in the 2024 season. 

But when you think about this ban on hip-drop tackling, the only results will be more injury to defensive players and more confusing penalties. 

First, many smaller players use the technique as a way to bring larger players to the ground.

Second, the referees are not going to be able to tell the difference between a normal tackle from behind and a hip-drop tackle. 

Needless to say, this upcoming NFL season is already going to leave a lot to be desired as the League continues to decline.

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