People were amazed by the true identity of the blonde bombshell in this picture with Steph Curry

Photo by Noah Salzman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

Some people are willing to do anything they can to become a star.

But the actions of this mysterious woman set the bar to a new low. 

And people were amazed by the true identity of the blonde bombshell in this picture with Steph Curry. 

Being an influencer is a growing career field

In 2024, people’s worth seems contingent on how popular they can become. 

Ask kids these days what they want to be when they grow up, and odds are that you will have at least half of them tell you they want to be an “influencer.”

They want to be someone who is rich just by being famous on social media. 

And if you think being an influencer isn’t a lucrative career path, just look at all the millionaires out there who do nothing more than post videos or pictures online. 

You have toddlers making five times as much money as you do just by posting videos of them playing with toys on YouTube. 

And if you really want to be honest with yourself, many politicians in Washington, D.C. are making millions of dollars as social media influencers. 

Think of the last time your Senator and Congressman actually passed meaningful legislation or fulfilled a promise. 

You can’t think of one, but you can probably remember the last time they were on cable news or went viral online. 

That’s because they are influencers, not legislators. 

Hate the game, not the player. 

And half of the battle of being able to participate in the game as an influencer is to become noticed. 

People may do this by making a viral clip of a stupid stunt or even for hooking up with a famous athlete. 

But the latest social media star who is making her way in the world as an influencer is a woman caught in a picture with Steph Curry. 

Steph Curry’s mystery woman identified

Last Wednesday, a photographer caught a picture of Steph Curry celebrating during the game with a golf swing. 

But it wasn’t the unique celebration that caught everyone’s attention.

Instead, it was the blonde in the stands who was one jump away from giving fans more than they paid for. 

Just take a look for yourself. 

As you can imagine, the picture went viral. 

Some speculated that the woman was golf sensation Paige Spiranac.

But the truth is crazier than anyone could have imagined. 

The mystery woman is a $900 escort from San Francisco named Katherine Taylor. 

In a since-deleted tweet, Katherine Taylor posted on X, “God… Best date of my life as you can see. F**k me, remind me to come fully dressed next time. What a f*****g blast.”

We all know it’s just a matter of time before Katherine makes her OnlyFans account and becomes a millionaire overnight. 

All it takes is a perfectly timed picture and some jugs to become an overnight internet sensation. 

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