Police were called and children’s dreams were crushed by the modern-day Willy Wonka chocolate factory

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

We all know that they don’t make children’s movies like they used to. 

No one ever thought Willy Wanka could be so bad that the police would have to be called.

But police were called and children’s dreams were crushed by the modern-day Willy Wonka chocolate factory.

We can’t even get kids movies and events right anymore

Sometimes you have to marvel at what the past generations were able to do. 

America’s greatest generation was able to win a World War and land a man on the moon while building the United States into the strongest nation in the history of the world. 

But they were also amazing storytellers with children’s movies. 

Many of us remember watching classic children’s movies like Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

But children’s movies like these aren’t made like they used to be. 

Today, companies like Disney are making mind-numbingly dumb movies that are full of political propaganda, such as Strange World

But at least children these days still have amusement parks to look forward to. 

Well, some kids in Scotland learned the hard way that the amusement parks and events are now as bad as the modern-day children’s movies.

Modern-day Willy Wonka

Parents and children were excited to see advertisements for a children’s event and little amusement park called “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” that was pushed as a “world of pure imagination.”

The pictures posted about the event made it seem like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was coming to life. 

Many parents paid $44 per ticket to experience this one-of-a-kind event. 

But when they got to the event, it definitely was something they never could have imagined. 

The event included a few balloons and decorations and each participant received half a cup of lemonade and two jelly beans. 

If you gave a crackhead the ability to make a children’s event, this is what it would look like. 

Just take a look for yourself. 

As one father of three told the press, “[t]here was maybe 20 chairs, a couple of tables, and a half-inflated bouncy castle.”

Things were so bad that even the little chocolate factory they had on site for the kids looked like a meth lab. 

Even the employees were complaining. 

One of the actors hired to portray Wonka told the press that “in some ways, it was a world of imagination, like imagine that there is a whole chocolate factory here. I spoke to the people running it and thought, surely by the morning it won’t look like this, and then I turned up in the morning and it absolutely did.”

Parents were so fed up that someone called the cops on the fake chocolate factory. 

But when life gives you half a cup of lemonade and two jelly beans for $44, sometimes you have to look on the bright side. 

At least these kids are learning early on about the good life skill of utter disappointment. 

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