The Church of Satan just received huge support from an unexpected place

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

The Democrats are doing everything they can to shut down Christianity in the United States.

These radical leftists try to claim it’s in the name of inclusion, but it’s actually part of an evil agenda.

And now the Church of Satan just received huge support from an unexpected place. 

Parents are outraged as After School Satan Club spreads across the United States

The Satanic Church has been finding fertile ground for growth in recent years as they seek to establish the After School Satan Club (ASSC) at public education institutions across America.

Parents of faith have been pushing back and trying to eliminate the influence of the Satanic Church in their communities.

The most recent example can be seen in a Tennessee school district.

In December, the ASSC attempted to create a new chapter at Chimneyrock Elementary School in Memphis.  

But outraged parents, pastors, and other religious leaders showed up to a school board meeting to demand that the ASSC be barred from the schools in the community.

One grandparent told Action News that it was particularly troubling that they were targeting young people with this club. 

“I’m about to come unglued right now,” the grandparent said. “I cannot believe…this is a kindergarten-through-fifth grade school and they’re letting a satanic club come in here?” 

But Arizona is getting ahead of the trend in their state.

Legislation proposes a ban on promoting Satan on public property in Arizona

Led by Senator Jake Hoffman , the Freedom Caucus of the Arizona legislature has introduced SB1279, also known as the “Reject Escalating Satanism by Preserving Essential Core Traditions (RESPECT) Act.” 

The goal of the bill is to stop the spread of Satanism in public schools and on public property.

The legislation proposes a ban on any memorial, statue, altar, or display that could be seen as “honoring Satan” on public property. 

Hoffman argued that allowing such displays represents the “desecration of our public property.”

“The Respect Act is a very straightforward piece of legislation that says we respect the people of this state, and we reject the escalating Satanism that we’re seeing across the state and country,” he explained.

Hoffman said that it is “legally and constitutionally suspect” to argue Satanism is a religion because Satan is “universally known to be an explicit enemy of God.”

But not everyone in the Arizona legislature supports the RESPECT Act.

The Satanic Church seeks “to encourage benevolence and empathy”

Democrat Senator Juan Mendez stood in support of the Satanic Church at a hearing in the Arizona State Capitol ahead of the bill’s introduction. 

Mendez said that Satanists are being subject to “tyrannical” persecution and suggested that the bill would restrict freedom of speech.

Mendez brought “ministers and members of the Satanic Temple” to the Capitol to push back on the bill.

“As an organized religion, they actively do outreach and community service and participate in public affairs where their issues might benefit from their rational, satanic insights,” he said.

Mendez went on to say that the Satanic church wanted “to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people,” before adding that they “embrace practical common sense and justice.” 

It has now become clear that the Democrats are openly endorsing Satanism in Arizona and wish to ensure that everyone in their state accepts it once and for all.

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