The Sopranos smokeshow Drea de Matteo just paid off her mortgage by doing one questionable act that no one saw coming

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

People are having to do things just to get by in Biden’s economy that they might not be proud of.

But no one has had more success with their side gig than actress Drea de Matteo.

And The Sopranos smokeshow Drea de Matteo just paid off her mortgage by doing one questionable act that no one saw coming.

Everyone is struggling to get by

A few years ago you could both keep your family afloat and save a little bit of money by working one job.

But that seems like a generation ago, as we have been hit by the worst inflation this country has seen in decades.

Now families can barely put food on the table with their normal income.

And if you want to advance yourself in this economy, good luck.

Buying a house or a car is only for the uber rich these days.

Things are so bad that not even famous actress Drea de Matteo can afford her mortgage on just a normal income.

Drea de Matteo is known for being a main character in the television hits The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy.

She even won an Emmy Award for best supporting actress.

You would think someone of her fame and fortune could survive enough in Biden’s economy to at least make ends meet.

But like many other Americans, she decided to use what her mama gave her to make some real money.

OnlyFans for the win

Matteo opened up to the Daily Mail about her newfound wealth and her struggles.

She told the newspaper that the bank “put me into foreclosure and my house had flooded, so I was trying to sell the house quickly. I wanted to try and sell it before they took it. At the same time, I lost my mom, and my other mom, who has dementia, had run out of money for her caregiver. I didn’t know which way was up.”

In order to turn her life and financial wellbeing around, Matteo created an OnlyFans account.

As the famous actress put it, her OnlyFans account “saved my life, 100%.”

She continued to explain that “I kept putting more pictures up. I was like, holy s**t. In five minutes, I was able to pay back Compass Real Estate who kept the sale of my house. I did it, but I didn’t want to do it. I got a lot of heat for doing it and it went f*****g viral and people went nuts.”

She isn’t ashamed of paying the bills with her new side gig.

Matteo claims that “it feels good to see those photos. They might be touched up here and there, but the truth is they videotape me going live when we do the photo shoot so fans can see the photo shoot happening in real time.”

You gotta do what you gotta do to get by these days.

Would you be profitable on OnlyFans?