This Democrat thought he had the ultimate dunk on Trump until the internet taught him otherwise

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If you are an elected official, it’s never a good idea to be politically tone-deaf.

This has always been true, but it’s now an ironclad rule in the age of social media.

This Democrat thought he had the ultimate dunk on Trump until the internet taught him otherwise.

Politicians are a strange bunch, especially those on the political Left.

That’s because all too often they willfully ignore that which is patently obvious to everyone else simply because they can’t bear to admit something that doesn’t comport with their worldview.

There has never been a single election loss where the radical Left has admitted something like, “You know what? The regular folks just don’t agree with us on the issues we’re pushing. Maybe it’s time to reassess our priorities and listen and learn.”

Instead, what becomes political gospel is that bad messaging or a disinformation campaign waged by dastardly political opponents are the only reason for a loss.

Any working class voter could tell Democrats that “Bidenomics” – and the record inflation associated with it – has been an unmitigated disaster.

But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from singing the virtues of it for months until reality finally caught up with him.

The southern border has been another blindspot for Democrats.

Ted Cruz: Biden intentionally opened the border

Ted Cruz (R-TX) summed up the problem perfectly.

“The invasion at our southern border is deliberate,” Cruz said. “When Joe Biden became President, he inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. He then intentionally opened the border because he believed it would be politically advantageous for him.”

Though they may finally be getting the message now, one Democrat Congressman was still behind the curve this week.

Robert Garcia (D-CA) thought he had a sure crowd pleaser when he attempted to dunk on President Donald Trump and his reputation for supporting a secure border.

But it didn’t go as planned.

Instead, all his words did was make social media users appreciate what Trump achieved compared to Joe Biden’s complete and total failure to enforce immigration laws.

“The Donald Trump and MAGA plan for the border: Alligator moats, bombing northern Mexico, shooting migrants in the legs, and electrifying the fence and putting spikes on them,” Garcia said.

But all Garcia’s over-the-top hyperbole did was to reinforce just how awful Joe Biden has been on the issue.

Social Media Users: Give us Alligator moats

“My god!” X user Mad Liberals wrote. “Is that the Rio Grande with a 600 foot long alligator in it?! That will definitely fix the problem!”

Daniel Turner derided the Democrat tactic of demonizing a get-tough-approach to border security by saying that “this is really no different than ‘we have ten years left to fix climate change before it’s too late’. It’s all fear and hyperbole and stupidity. There is no common ground with these lunatics. None whatsoever.”

“I already support Trump, you don’t have to convince me more,” Wall Street Silver wrote.

Arguably the best retort came from Stephen Schutt, who wrote that “he forgot the sharks with laser beams.”

The fact that Biden has finally admitted the border is in crisis after he’s been AWOL on the issue for three years shows how Democrats, with the notable exception of Garcia, are starting to understand the depth of the public’s anger on this issue after years of inaction.

If the best they have to offer is nonsensical rhetoric instead of real solutions, then they may be in for a long night on November 5.

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