This woke author just came up with yet another insane conspiracy theory

Photo by Gül Işık from Pexels

People who claim to be woke come up with some of the wackiest and wildest theories out there.

In most cases, these supposedly educated people aren’t even a part of the group they claim to represent.

But now this woke author just came up with yet another insane conspiracy theory.

Author claims the Sistine Chapel represents white supremacy

Robin DiAngelo is a white woman who wrote the infamous book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.

The woke author is now claiming that Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, which depicts the creation of man, is an icon of “white supremacy.”

Speaking with Jalon Johnson on his podcast Not Your Ordinary Parts, the author slammed the way in which Michelangelo portrayed God creating Adam.

“The single image I use to capture the concept of white supremacy is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel God creating man. You know, where God is in a cloud and there’s all these angels and he’s reaching out and he’s touching – I don’t know who that is, David or something – and God is white and David is white and the angels are white,” DiAngelo said.

“That is the perfect convergence of white supremacy, patriarchy, right?” she asked.

“I was raised Catholic, so I saw many images like that as a child,” she continued. “So I’m sitting in church and I’m looking up and I see those images. I don’t think to myself ‘God is white’ but in a lot of ways that’s power. I don’t need to. God reflects me.”

On her website, DiAngelo wrote that her area of research is in “Whiteness Studies,” “Critical Discourse Analysis,” and exploring “how whiteness is reproduced in everyday narratives.” 

When Jalon Johnson introduced DiAngelo on his podcast, he said she coined the term white fragility to represent “any defensive response by a white person when their whiteness is highlighted or mentioned or their racial worldview is challenged, whether this response is conscious or otherwise.”

After the introduction, DiAngelo had a huge smile on her face and said “you captured that really nicely!”

DiAngelo is not without criticism

While Robin DiAngelo touts herself as some kind of expert on race relations, she’s not immune to criticism.

Writer Rikki Schlott wrote an article for the New York Post this week where she said that “DiAngelo was an obscure whiteness studies professor at the University of Washington in 2020, when her 2018 book White Fragility soared to the number one slot of the New York Times bestseller list following George Floyd’s murder.”

“Her message – that all white people are inherently racist – ignited a scourge of white liberal self-flagellation that enriched her greatly,” she continued. 

Schlott noted that the author reportedly made over $700,000 from speaking engagements and workshops the year after George Floyd’s death, and this figure doesn’t count the royalties from her book.

DiAngelo’s sudden “rise to antiracist superstardom [was] astounding,” Schlott wrote.

“A liberal white woman wagging her finger at other liberal white people, monetizing their guilt, and doing just about nothing to actually fight racism or improve the lives of black people in America,” she concluded.

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