Wendy’s is rolling out this major menu change that has customers up in arms

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Joe Biden’s economy is headed off the cliff.

Many Americans are struggling to try and feed their families.

And now Wendy’s is rolling out this major menu change that has customers up in arms.

Wendy’s is expected to soon roll out a new menu that will be similar to Uber’s surge-pricing. 

Testing price increases while Americans are struggling to make ends meet

“Beginning as early as 2025, we will begin testing a variety of enhanced features on these digital menu boards like dynamic pricing, different offerings in certain parts of the day, AI-enabled menu changes, and suggestive selling based on factors such as weather,” a Wendy’s spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Digital.

The confirmation came after Wendy’s CEO Kirk Tanner announced the plan on an earnings call earlier this month.

The spokesperson said this pricing change is part of a “number of features” that will soon be tested by the fast-food giant.

“At Wendy’s, we’re focused on providing great tasting, fresh, high-quality food and doing it in a way that brings value to our customers. As we’ve previously shared, we are making a significant investment to accelerate our digital business. In addition to evolving our loyalty program, we are leveraging technology even more with the roll out of digital menu boards in some U.S. restaurants,” the spokesperson continued.

Dynamic pricing, which is also known as surge pricing, is when the price of a product or service fluctuates according to demand or other factors.

For example, Uber increases prices when demand is high, such as during rush hour or bad weather.

Wendy’s foray into dynamic pricing is filled with risks, but the fast-food giant seems prepared to take them.

The spokesperson told Fox News Digital that dynamic pricing can “allow Wendy’s to be competitive and flexible with pricing, motivate customers to visit, and provide them with the food they love at a great value. We will test a number of features that we think will provide an enhanced customer and crew experience.”

But not everyone is excited about the program.

Associate professor of economics at George Washington University, Steven Suranovic, told the Daily Mail that “they could shoot themselves in the foot by introducing something customers aren’t ready for.”

#Boycott Wendy’s takes off

The move by Wendy’s has government officials talking about an investigation into the chain.

And there are calls from Wendy’s customers for a boycott of the fast-food conglomerate.

#BoycottWendys has become a viral movement on social media.

KDKA-TV’s money editor, Jon Delano, called the idea of changing prices nothing more than a “bait-and-switch” and even got a Pennsylvania State Representative to agree with him. 

“Representative, do you think this is a form of bait-and-switch?” Delano asked Rob Matzie, Chairman of the state House Consumer Protection Committee.

“Absolutely,” Matzie replied. “We need to make sure that definitions of surge pricing, if it’s not currently in the bait-and-switch legislation or law, then it’s something we need to look at potentially putting in, if necessary.”

Should the government be able to tell Wendy’s how to price their food?