Economists were bewildered after Bernie Sanders made these nonsensical remarks

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Joe Biden’s top priority in 2024 is to convince the American public that his policies have helped the economy. 

However, a closer look reveals the sinister truth behind some of the figures and claims that Biden and his team frequently tout to the public. 

And economists were bewildered after Bernie Sanders made these nonsensical remarks.

Democrats are resorting to desperate measures to ensure Joe Biden wins reelection this November

The state of the economy will come front and center this November. 

Although the jobs reports have been positive, inflation remains high as the cost of goods continues to skyrocket. 

On last Monday’s broadcast of NBC’s Late Night, self-described socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont detailed why he thinks voters should still vote for Joe Biden. 

“Look, this country faces enormous problems today, and we all know what they are,” Sanders said. “We’re talking about income and wealth inequality, we’re talking about 60% of workers living paycheck to paycheck, and we’re talking about the existential threat of climate change, enormous problems facing this country.”

“The economy, as you’ve indicated, is really doing well, unemployment, extremely low, we’re creating a whole lot of jobs, rebuilding manufacturing in America,” he continued. “So, we’re beginning to move forward in the right direction. In my view, we have a lot, lot more to do, but the choice in this election is very clear.”

According to Bernie Sanders, average Americans are suffering and many are living paycheck to paycheck. 

Yet somehow Sanders believes that Joe Biden deserves credit for helping to create what he deems as a great economy.

Realizing the hypocritical nature of his claim, Sanders then pivoted towards trashing Donald Trump. 

“You’ve got a guy in Trump who, during his Presidency, gave massive tax breaks to the rich, at a time when we have unprecedented income and wealth inequality, it’s the last thing they need,” Sanders said.

“This guy wants to throw tens of millions of people off of the health insurance that they have, he appointed anti-union members of his administration to make it harder for workers to form unions,” he continued. “And I’ll tell you, all over this country, women are fighting for the right to control their own bodies, he wants to take that away. So, that’s Trump.”

Many economists agree that Joe Biden’s economy is nothing more than smoke and mirrors

Although the recent jobs reports indicate that workers are getting back to work after the COVID apocalypse, the truth is that many Americans are still struggling to get by.

Primarily, the cost of most goods and services are continuing to skyrocket, causing significant financial strain for millions of Americans. 

Even a basic Big Mac meal costs as much as $18 in some parts of America, which demonstrates just how expensive even the most common of goods have become all across the nation.  

Joe Biden and his allies have failed to address these massive price increases, angering Americans who are impacted by them the most. 

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