A body language expert just weighed in on Travis Kelce’s “new look” with Taylor Swift

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There is no doubt that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift are America’s most famous couple.

The pair has been in the spotlight since they started dating, but there’s no shortage of new information coming out about them.

And a body language expert just weighed in on Travis Kelce’s “new look” with Taylor Swift.

Kelce has a “new look”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift just spent some time together in Las Vegas and the dynamic duo appeared to be happier than ever.

The two have been enjoying a bit of downtime before the Cruel Summer singer has to hit the road again for her popular Eras Tour.

A few fans spotted the famous couple as they grabbed a bite to eat together at a popular Mexican restaurant called Toca Madera.

Both Kelce and Swift were glammed up for their night on the town.

According to its website, the restaurant they visited is a “highly acclaimed steakhouse, known for its menu featuring bold flavors and high-quality, sustainable, and organic ingredients.”

Several pictures show the duo heading to eat, and body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that it looked like Travis was in “protective mode.”

“After all, his recent neck/shoulder nuzzling and his graduation beer-swilling, Travis appears to be on his best behavior here for yet another date night with Taylor,” James said. “He walks upright and in step beside her, smiling politely as she turns to talk.”

The body language expert added that the pair’s hand holding “involves his on top encasing hers, suggesting he’s still in protective mode, while that cardigan suggests he’s trying to look like the boy you can take home to meet your parents rather than a Super Bowl wild man.”

It’s expected that Travis and Taylor will attend the F1 Grand Prix in Miami along with NFL quarterback and teammate, Patrick Mahomes, and his wife, Brittany.

However, it’s not expected that the pair will be attending the Met Gala this year.

Taylor has been overwhelmed by Travis’ behavior

While Travis and Taylor seemed quite happy during their recent outing, another Vegas event might have been too much for Taylor.

Lip reader and deaf TikTok star Jackie Gonzalez told the world what she thinks Taylor had to say when Travis took the stage during Patrick Mahomes’ The 15 and Mahomies Foundation Golf Classic gala on April 27.

Gonzalez often shares what she thinks people are saying during a variety of celebrity conversations.

A clip from the gala shows Travis on stage joking around and singing Viva Las Vegas.

Taylor turned her head in the audience as Travis belted out the Elvis Presley hit, which he also sang when his team won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers this year.

According to Jackie, she believes Taylor turned to her friend and said, “That again,” before adding, “I can’t do it” as she shook her head.

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