Bud Light is betting on you forgetting all about their Dylan Mulvaney partnership after the Super Bowl

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The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers on February 11 for the bragging rights of earning the title of the best team in all of football.  

Millions of Americans will be tuned in to the Super Bowl for the biggest sports betting day of the year.  

And Bud Light is betting on you forgetting all about their Dylan Mulvaney partnership after the Super Bowl. 

A big opportunity at the big game

According to Statista, last year’s Super Bowl was watched by about 115 million people. 

Neilson reported that the 2023 Super Bowl pulled in a 40 rating, a four-point increase over the prior year when millions of Americans boycotted the game due to the National Football League’s pandemic policies and support for the radical Black Lives Matters movement. 

With so many eyeballs watching, it’s no wonder why companies are willing to pay any price to advertise their products or services during the Super Bowl. 

With the economic laws of supply and demand in full force, NBC reported that 30-second ads during last year’s broadcast were about $7 million. 

This year Anheuser-Busch is breaking the bank with the hope of using Super Bowl commercials to rehab the brand’s image. 

Bud Light spending big bucks

Anheuser-Busch InBev will spend tens of millions of dollars during the Super Bowl in an attempt to reclaim its spot with sports fans as the undisputed “king of beers.” 

Breitbart News is reporting the world’s largest beer brewing business will run two Super Bowl ads for its fledgling Bud Light brand. 

According to Breitbart News, one of those ads will be the standard half-minute runtime. 

The second Bud Light commercial will air for a full minute. 

The woke corporation is also planning to run a 30-second spot for its Michelob Ultra brand, which also suffered when millions of Americans boycotted Anheuser-Busch for pushing self-proclaimed “Queer Theory” propaganda. 

“We need to make sure for these moments of massive reach that we choose the right brands to meet the moment, not only on the TV screen but brands that can really scale out the opportunity that Super Bowl and the NFL playoffs and everything else provide,” Kyle Norrington, Anheuser-Busch’s chief commercial officer said in a press release. “These are the brands that we thought deserve that opportunity this year.”

The partnership that sunk an American icon

According to the sales consulting firm Bump Williams, Bud Light sales were down nearly 30% year-over-year and was replaced as the top selling beer in the United States by Modelo. 

Anheuser-Busch’s headaches started when one of its woke executives – who is no longer with the company – thought American beer drinkers would love nothing more than to be force-fed lectures on gender dysphoria.

The massive conglomerate entered into a sponsorship with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

But executives at Anheuser-Busch were not prepared for the fallout from the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

The decision led to boycotts that have cost the company billions of dollars.

They’ve been on a spending spree ever since in hopes of winning back the loyal customer base they lost. 

And now they’re hoping betrayed Americans have a short memory after this Super Bowl Hail Mary. 

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