Donald Trump just revealed who he wants at the helm of the RNC

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The Republican Party has been on the ropes for the past several years.

Political commentators on the Right say we have one person to blame for the failures — Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel.

And Donald Trump just revealed who he wants at the helm of the RNC.

“Look GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign…”

The Republican Primary debates this year felt like a waste of time. 

The presumptive nominee has long been Donald Trump, and it seemed like there was really no reason for his opponents to be on the stage. 

But there were a few noteworthy moments — including one comment from Vivek Ramaswamy.

“We’ve become a Party of losers since Ronna McDaniel took over as Chairwoman in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, and 2022, and I think that we have to have accountability in our Party,” Ramaswamy said during the NBC News debate. 

He then invited Ronna McDaniel on stage and offered to yield his time to her so that she could “look GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign.” 

Conservatives applauded the remarks and began echoing his call.

Now it seems like things may be moving that way.

“Rumors to the contrary are simply not true…”

Reports began circulating last week that McDaniel may be considering resigning from her position. 

The owner of Trending Politics, Collin Rugg, said he had information indicating that “Ronna McDaniel has told Donald Trump she will be resigning after the Republican Primary.”

Not long after the rumors began to swirl, the RNC Chair was forced to issue a statement on the matter. 

“Nothing has changed and there will not be any changes decided on until after South Carolina, when we may have our eventual nominee,” she said.

McDaniel slammed the “rumors” and said they “simply are not true.” 

“Myself and my staff are refusing to be distracted by the outside noise and we remain committed to our mission,” she said.

But South Carolina is coming up fast and President Trump is making it clear what he wants to happen at the RNC.

Trump floats possible replacement for McDaniel

“The RNC MUST be a good partner in the Presidential election. It must do the work we expect from the national Party and do it flawlessly. That means helping to ensure fair and transparent elections across the country, getting out the vote everywhere,” Trump said in a statement.

The presumptive nominee then went on to say that he believes “Michael Whatley should be the RNC’s next leader.” 

The former North Carolina GOP Chair has shown his campaign a lot of support “since the beginning,” and Trump said that he is “committed to election integrity.”

But this isn’t the only change Trump would like to see at the RNC.

“My very talented daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has agreed to run as the RNC Co-Chair, and I have also asked Chris LaCivita, in whom I have full confidence, to assume the role of, in effect, Chief Operating Officer of the Committee,” he continued.

If McDaniel does resign from her position after the South Carolina Primary, then it would still be up to a vote by the RNC. 

However, most analysts expect them to line up with Trump on the matter.

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