Drea de Matteo revealed a shocking secret about Hollywood that should terrify Joe Biden

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The Democrat Party has a stranglehold on cultural institutions that seems impossible to break.

These ideologues are using this influence to change the culture for their own personal gain.

But Drea de Matteo revealed a shocking secret about Hollywood that should terrify Joe Biden.

Biden gears up for another celebrity fundraiser in June

A-list celebrities have always shown huge support for the Democratic Party.

Last month, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill made headlines when he posted the message “Joe Biden is the best President we’ve ever had.”

In March, dozens of stars showed up at Radio City Music Hall for what was called the “most successful political fundraiser in American History.”

The event featured Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton.

Together, the event’s attendees brought in over $26 million in donations for Democrats.

Now, Obama and Biden are doubling down with another celebrity-focused fundraiser — this time in Hollywood.

The event is slated for June.

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and George Clooney are set to host the event.

Event organizers have said that there will be loads of celebrity influencers in attendance.

But one Hollywood star suggested that Biden might not get as much love as he hoped for.

De Matteo: Hollywood actors are too “petrified” to stand up

In an interview with Donald Trump Jr., Drea De Matteo explained that Hollywood doesn’t actually support Biden or the Democrats’ agenda.

But they are too “petrified” to say anything against the Democratic establishment.

De Matteo rose to fame after playing Adriana La Cerva on the HBO series, The Sopranos.

During the interview, the actress showed off a red hat that said “close the border you moron.”

De Matteo said that she hasn’t always been vocal against Biden.

In fact, she voted for him in 2020.

She said that the border was a turning point for her.

“When you let that many able-bodied men come over here in that way, I just don’t know if they’re here to support the American people,” she said.

Trump Jr. lauded her for her strength and for standing up.

He then asked if anyone else “had the guts” to speak out.

And the answer should be a chilling message to the Biden administration.

“I’m just so liberal that I’m conservative now”

De Matteo said that more celebrities are waking up to realize they are “pawns to further [the Biden] administration.”

The Democrats are using Hollywood actors to prop up “every social agenda” that they want to push through.

“The administration has just been hammering all of these things and people in Hollywood are petrified,” she said. “What are you going to speak out against? Race, and sex, and all that stuff?”

De Matteo said that, “people are afraid to have those conversations, because, first of all, you never win with a liberal.”

At first, the actress was also worried that she would be “thrown to the wolves” if she spoke out.

But that all changed.

“Once I was out there, I was like, I’m out here, I’m out of my cage, like I may as well just, you know, do what I got to do,” she said.

De Matteo said that she was pushed so far to the Left that she found herself on the Right.

“I’m just so liberal that I’m conservative at this point,” she said.

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