Female athletes are terrified over these horror stories that resulted in several injuries

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

For decades, the feminist movement made promoting female sports one of the top items on their agenda. 

As a result of the woke mob redefining gender, today many so-called feminists can’t even describe what a woman is. 

And female athletes are terrified over these horror stories that resulted in several injuries.

Parents were furious after this girl’s basketball squad had no choice but to forfeit

For many female athletes, their biggest concerns typically involved receiving enough funding and attention from their respective schools and programs. 

Although this still weighs heavily on the minds of many female athletes, they now must worry about a completely different and much more dangerous concern. 

In recent years, biological males who claim to be in the process of transitioning to a female have started participating in women’s sports. 

Most female athletes will tell you that this automatically puts them at a disadvantage since these biological men are typically larger, faster, and stronger than they are. 

Young female basketball players at the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell in Massachusetts learned this the hard way after facing off against their rivals at the KIPP Academy. 

The KIPP Academy has a six foot biological male with facial hair on its squad who injured several players on the Collegiate Charter School squad in a game on February 8.

Coaches for the Collegiate Charter School forfeited the game at halftime due to their depleted roster and a fear that more injuries could ensue if they continued playing.

“The KIPP Academy girls team has a male player with facial hair on its roster who identifies as female, and local Massachusetts outlet the Daily Item, which also reported the team has a male player, said ‘KIPP officials refused to confirm the player’s gender identification,’” the New York Post reported. “InsideLowell posted a video on YouTube of the play which allegedly involves the KIPP player in question wrestling for the basketball against a Collegiate player, who goes down to the ground in pain, holding her back and having trouble getting up.”

Coaches at the Collegiate Charter School refused to admit that the trans player at KIPP academy had anything to do with their decision to forfeit, likely due to a fear of retribution from the woke mob. 

Instead, the coaches claimed that the injuries suffered during the game threatened their post season ambitions, which led to their decision to forfeit. 

The radical transgenderism movement threatens to upend western culture as you know it

Perhaps the most basic aspect of human biology, which many children learn from a young age, involves the creation of life, which requires a sperm and an egg.

But the woke mob, who likes to pretend that they stand on the side of “science,” completely rejects this basic fact and spews nonsense about gender being on a spectrum. 

The truth is that the radical woke mob does not care about science.

They only care about upending western culture, even if it means destroying women’s sports and the dreams of young females everywhere along the way. 

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