Pastor Jack Hibbs suggested that Christians are about to enter the culture war in a whole new way

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Many conservative Christians believe that America is doomed because the Church has gone lukewarm.

But some Christians are pushing back harder than ever against the woke ideologies.

And pastor Jack Hibbs suggested that Christians are about to enter the culture war in a whole new way.

Jack Hibbs warns that “2024 will be unlike any other year…in your lifetime”

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California is one of the few American pastors standing up for conservative values in 2024. 

But Hibbs isn’t just standing up—he’s leading a rallying call for what he describes as a “war.”

“I’m not talking about bombs, guns, and missiles,” Hibbs told his congregation earlier this month. 

“I’m talking about an all-out war on everything, from the spiritual realm, which is invisible, but certainly to the physical world, in which all things manifest,” he added.

The Evangelical pastor often reflects on the cultural rot that is taking over our country. 

But Hibbs is now warning that “this year of 2024 will be unlike any other year previously lived in your lifetime.”

These are the five things that he believes Christian Americans will go to “war” against in 2024.

Moral relativism is destroying American culture

Reading from John 18:37-38, Hibbs reminded his audience of the time when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” 

“Think about the pain behind that question. Think about that confusion behind the question. Think about the disillusionment behind the question,” he said, noting the similar sentiment in America today. 

“When you tell somebody the actual truth, they don’t believe it,” Hibbs said. 

The first battle against truth strongly influences the second, which is a war “against facts.” 

The pastor said that “definitions are going to be a big deal” in 2024.

“Five years ago, it was words, because we all used the same dictionary. Now, it’s like, ‘what does that mean?’”

Moral relativism is wreaking havoc on our nation and is only perpetuated by a lack of common knowledge and understanding of the world. 

Traditionally, the Bible has been the basis for morality in America.

But Hibbs warned that the Church is now under attack.

“The war has always been against the Church…”

“Your faith is the most precious thing that you own. When you have no faith in someone or something greater than yourself, you lose hope, you lose direction,” Hibbs said. 

The battle against faith can only exist because of the battle against the Church. 

The pastor reminded his congregation that “the war has always been against the Church.” 

“God loves his Church, we love each other, but the world is against us,” he said.

The last component of the war that Christians will fight might have the biggest impact on the world that we live in. 

That is the battle for marriage. 

Hibbs said that America has been on a mission to weaken the institution of marriage, and that it is just one of “a few foundational institutions created by God in all of time and eternity.”

Though much of Hibbs’ message was a stark warning, he did have one uplifting point.

“If your faith is in Jesus Christ and Him alone, then you’re secure. You’ll do awesome in 2024. You will win the great war, victoriously, because you know who you are and you know to Whom you belong,” he said. 

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