The establishment is trying to install this anti-Trump RINO as Mitt Romney’s replacement

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Conservatives celebrated when Mitt Romney announced that he was retiring from the Senate.

But his potential replacement could be even worse.

And the establishment is trying to install this anti-Trump RINO as Mitt Romney’s replacement.

When Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) announced that he wasn’t seeking reelection this year, it set off a scramble to replace him as the Senator of deep-red Utah.

Romney spent his single term in the Senate whining about Donald Trump and betraying conservatives to hand President Joe Biden legislative victories on gun control, tax increases, and climate change.

The open Utah Senate seat is an opportunity to send another conservative to Washington, D.C., but the establishment isn’t giving it up without a fight.

RINO John Curtis looking for a promotion

RINO Representative John Curtis (R-UT) threw his hat in the ring for the open Utah Senate seat.

He was the former Mayor of Provo and was a Democrat until 2006 when he realized he needed to change Party labels to climb the ladder of Utah politics.

In Congress, he’s voted for every bloated government spending bill under President Joe Biden and supported a plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

He’s an outspoken supporter of extreme climate change ideology and called combating it his “North Star.”

He said conservatives who don’t believe in climate change are science “deniers.” 

Curtis says Trump’s border wall is racist

Curtis figured out which way the wind was blowing in the Republican Party after Trump won the 2016 election.

That’s why he tried to pull the wool over the eyes of voters in his heavily Republican Utah Congressional District.

But at an online debate in 2017, he let the cat out of the bag when he was called out for claiming he had conservative positions.

“I think Utah wants the Trump agenda: tax reform, a strong economy, a strong national defense, great Supreme Court nominations,” Curtis said in the 2017 debate.

United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennet attacked Curtis for running ads on Facebook that claimed he wanted to “stop sanctuary cities” and to “build the wall.”

When Curtis was confronted about those Facebook ads, he showed his true colors.

Curtis tried to blame a campaign vendor for running them and disavowed those positions.

“I regret with all my heart the Facebook post. It was put up by a third-party vendor, and I also will agree that the response was less than perfect as well. Instead of actually causing a meaningful dialogue about immigration, it actually just increased the level of divisiveness, and I found myself a victim of being attacked with divisiveness as well,” Curtis ranted.

He added that the concept of Trump’s border wall “carries all of this pent-up racism.”

RINO John Curtis is running for the open Senate seat in Utah to try and carry on the legacy of Mitt Romney.

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