This horrific and deadly standoff has Americans everywhere demanding answers

Chad Davis, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Law-enforcement officers dodge bullets every day from deranged criminals, who have often escaped justice for much of their lives.

Few professions require you to put your life on the line in this matter, and it doesn’t help that the nation erupts in chaos whenever a police officer steps out of line.

But this horrific and deadly standoff has Americans everywhere demanding answers.

This recent shooting in Charlotte has law enforcement officers everywhere on high alert

After the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, America exploded into chaos and violence.

Ever since, crime has increased in most American cities and communities, making the job of law-enforcement officers extremely difficult.

Last Monday, four law-enforcement officers from a myriad of agencies paid the ultimate price after attempting to arrest 39-year-old Terry Clark Hughes, Jr. for outstanding warrants.

Police pursued 39-year-old Terry Clark Hughes, Jr. for warrants over possession of a firearm by a felon and felony flee to elude out of Lincoln County, North Carolina.

In total, Hughes murdered four law-enforcement officers, including Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas M. Weeks, Investigator William “Alden” Elliott, Police Officer Joshua Eyer, and Investigator Samuel “Sam” Poloche.

Four other law-enforcement officers were injured in the shootout.

Hughes died, as well, in the gunfire.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief Johnny Jennings emotionally discussed this horrific shootout on Tuesday by addressing how it started and how it may affect the department moving forward.

Jennings told reporters that, “it’s just been very tough,” before adding “and knowing that you have families that are hurting right now — we’ll get through it, though, very rapidly.”

He then turned his focus on the shooting suspect.

“I know this individual did serve a significant amount of time in jail and had been released,” he said. “But I can give you hundreds of examples of people that I feel like should not be out preying upon our citizens, and I’ve been pretty vocal about that, particularly with juveniles.”

The distraught Police Chief then directed some of the blame at the criminal justice system.

“What I’ll say is that our system is not completely is not completely where it needs to be, but I really think we’re overwhelmed,” he said. “We’re overwhelmed in the court system. Our District Attorney is overwhelmed with the docket that we see within Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and I don’t have an answer for that.”

United States Marshal Service Director Ron Davis later gave his thoughts.

“As more and more comes out about this incident, not only when you see how brave they were,” he said. “You will see examples of their courage and bravery. Let there be no mistake. They represent the best of us. They are truly America’s finest, and it’s just an honor to serve with them.”

These cold-blooded killings reveal some major problems in America’s criminal justice system

As the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief pointed out on Tuesday, 39-year-old Terry Clark Hughes, Jr. had an extensive criminal history and should not have been on the streets.

If the justice system had held him in prison for a longer period, then he would not have had the opportunity to destroy so many lives and families.

Meanwhile, activists for radical groups like Black Lives Matter continue to sow seeds of hatred and dissent across the country by calling for criminals to run wild through the streets.

In Democrat-controlled cities like New York City, violent criminals often get released, and on the same day, they commit horrific crimes.

With this fact in mind, it is no wonder that shootings targeting police have become a part of everyday life in many areas around the nation.

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