Trump made a surprising prediction when he announced a huge rally in this far-Left city

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Donald Trump is starting to make some serious headway in several key battleground states.

The campaign now believes they can flip all of the swing states back to his favor.

And Trump made a surprising prediction when he announced a huge rally in this far-left city.

Over half of battleground voters support Trump on economy and immigration

New polling data for the 2024 Presidential election has shown a major lift for Donald Trump in key battleground states. 

The Morning Consult poll was published by Bloomberg News in late January and the results showed President Trump leading Biden by six-points across seven crucial states.

The strongest lead could be seen in North Carolina, Nevada, and Georgia, where Trump led Biden by an average of nine points. 

Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania showed a narrower lead of approximately four percent on average.

Polling suggests that immigration and the economy are driving voter sentiment.

Over half of the voters polled said that they trust Trump to handle the immigration crisis compared to less than a third who trust Biden. 

Similarly, on the economy, Trump received 52 percent of support in contrast to Biden’s 30 percent.

Now, Trump is shifting his strategy to go after traditionally blue states.

“I’ll do one maybe at Madison Square Garden”

Over the weekend, President Trump sat down with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss his progress in the race. 

The host specifically asked him to address a “rumor” that he is planning a rally in the Bronx.

Trump answered in the affirmative and said that he is also considering another New York venue. 

“I think I will do that. I think I’ll do one maybe at Madison Square Garden too,” he said. 

Winning New York City is normally not a focus of the Republican Party, but a move for the traditionally blue metropolitan area would show Trump’s confidence in the race.

According to polling data by Siena College, Biden has a lead of nearly 9 points in New York City. 

Trump sitting at 32 percent support from New York City voters is up by four points from 28 percent in November.

Trump said there’s a reason for the shift in support from New Yorkers and predicted that it will only continue.

“They are very unhappy in New York”

“New York has changed a lot in the last two years. We have migrants all over the streets, they are living on Madison Avenue. Nobody can believe what has happened to New York,” Trump told Bartiromo. 

“The people of New York are angry. I think we are going to give New York a heavy shot. They are very unhappy in New York,” he said.

The President went on to suggest that there are several other states he believes his campaign may flip in November. 

New Jersey, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Virginia are on the table for Trump. 

Trump’s exact words were that he’s not sure “everything can’t be flipped.”

It’s a shocking prediction, but the ongoing illegal alien crisis is a big issue for the majority of Americans and even cities like New York are growing tired of it. 

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