WWE diva Natalie Eva Marie devastated PETA after she revealed what drove her to be a hunter

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PETA loves to target some of America’s most treasured traditions, such as hunting.

Imagine how much PETA will weep when they hear this news from a wrestling icon.

And WWE diva Natalie Eva Marie devastated PETA after she revealed what drove her to be a hunter.

PETA kills more than it saves

PETA claims that they are for the protection of animals.

But we all know that the main reason PETA exists is to make our lives a living hell.

Just look at their track record.

If they really were all for the protection of animals, then why do they kill more dogs than South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem?

But you have to give credit where credit is due.

And you can’t deny the fact that PETA’s visual marketing is top level.

Their marketing is so good that it’s even turning people away from mass-produced meat and back to our hunting roots.

But wait until PETA gets news of this story.

Wrestling icon is now a hunter thanks to PETA

WWE icon and smokeshow Natalie Eva Marie told Hook & Barrel Magazine that PETA is one of the main reasons she took up hunting.

“Shout out to PETA because you guys made me a hunter,” she said, before adding that “they did all the hard work by showcasing factory farming. So now I’m going to go hunt my own meat. You should know where your meat comes from.”

She then outlined the benefits of hunting your own dinner.

Natalie explained that one of the biggest benefits of wild game is its nutritional value.

“One reason was obviously the food is really into nutrition and health and wellness,” she said. “And anybody that has followed my journey by watching Total Divas and things of that nature, knows I truly believe health is wealth.”

She also illustrated something that most hunters understand but PETA will never get.

When you hunt, you develop a level of respect for the wildlife you are hunting.

It’s something you can’t achieve by just picking up a pack of burgers at the local grocery store.

The WWE icon explained that “hunting makes you appreciate food a lot more, and we make sure we have zero waste from the wild game we take. When you go out there and you actually see this beautiful, majestic animal, it is mind-blowing.”

She finished her comments by reiterating her support for hunting.

“I feel like anybody who has never done it should at least experience it once,” she said. “I get that it’s not for everybody. But to experience it one time, I think, would do a lot of people a solid from understanding what goes into it, the love, the appreciation, all of the emotions.”

Natalie is right.

There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting your own meat in the wild.

And nothing will do more to make you a conservationist who wants to protect the wild than being a hunter.

Hopefully, PETA will be thankful to know that their marketing turned a major influencer in the wrestling community into a hunter.

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