Arizona lawmakers are considering legislation to shut down a horrific industry targeting children

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Children growing up in America today are faced with challenges that people in the past could have never imagined.

Kids face an education system that seeks to indoctrinate them and corporations that seek to exploit them.

Now Arizona lawmakers are considering legislation to shut down a horrific industry targeting children.

The United States is “a top destination for child sex trafficking”

Under the Biden administration, the southern border has been left wide open and illegal aliens are crossing in record numbers. 

The situation is grim and countless people are using children as a method to get approval for asylum and preferential treatment when entering the United States.

But some of those children likely don’t even belong to the people who bring them here. 

This has brought attention to a larger human trafficking problem in the country. 

According to a report by The Heritage Foundation, our country is “a top destination for child sex trafficking” and the issue is getting worse with open borders.

More than 50,000 people are trafficked into the United States every year and experts say that more than half of them are children. 

The average age of children being sold for sex is 12 to 14 years. 

Now Arizona lawmakers are taking action to stop this horrifying practice.

Arizona lawmakers suggest “a natural life sentence” for traffickers

Republican lawmakers in the state of Arizona introduced a bicameral proposal to put an end to child sex trafficking in their state. 

Senator Shawnna LM Bolick and Representative Selina Bliss are leading the charge and they hope their bills will help save countless innocent lives.

The pair wants to update the state Constitution “to mandate a natural life sentence” to those implicated in child sex trafficking. 

This would include anyone “convicted of paying for sex with a minor, receiving payment for placing a minor in another person’s custody for sex with another person, or providing or obtaining a minor with the intent that the minor engages in sex with another person.”

The lawmakers said that they are “sending a clear message that such crimes will not be tolerated.”

The Majority Leader said that the legislation would create the strictest laws in the country regarding child sex trafficking.

“Our children are not for sale…”

Bliss said that it was her “honor to sponsor this legislation” that would hold traffickers accountable in the state of Arizona. 

“Arizona must be a place where the innocence of our youth is protected and justice prevails,” she said.

“Age 14, that’s the average age in Arizona that these abused children are forced into these acts,” Bliss continued, before adding that “our society must stand firmly against those who seek to harm the most vulnerable among us.”

Bolick pointed out that the open border policies under Biden were helping create an environment that allows traffickers to flourish.

“We believe in holding traffickers accountable for their heinous crime, and that’s why we’ve filed legislation for a ballot referral to put convicted child sex traffickers behind bars for life,” she said.

Bolick said that the message should be “clear” that “our children are not for sale, and we will not tolerate heinous crimes against them.”

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