The Second Amendment and this 85-year-old Idaho mother’s quick thinking just saved her disabled son’s life

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

It’s a story that won’t feature prominently in the corporate-controlled media.

That’s because it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative or advance a left-wing cause.

But the Second Amendment and this 85-year-old Idaho mother’s quick thinking just saved her disabled son’s life.

The Left derides and mocks conservatives whenever they point out instances where a “good guy with a gun” saves someone’s life.

But amid increases in criminal activity, often brought on by leftist policies, this sort of thing is happening more and more.

Another inconvenient fact for the Left is that gun ownership for protection levels the playing field and would-be attackers can’t overwhelm their victims with brute force.

This fact featured prominently in an incident that occurred last month in Idaho.

On March 13, 85-year-old Christine Jenneiahn woke up at 2 AM to find Derek Condon wearing a military jacket and black ski mask while pointing a 9mm pistol at her and shining a flashlight in her face.

Jenneiahn told police that Condon had struck her while she was sleeping, which caused her to bleed on her pillow and bedroom floor.

Her attacker put her in handcuffs and demanded that she give up any valuables that were in the house.

According to a report, Condon handcuffed her to a wooden chair and she told him that she didn’t have anything valuable.

She later revealed that there were two safes in the house and Condon was angered over her lie.

He discovered that Jenneiahn’s disabled son, David, was asleep and living in the house, a fact that she hadn’t disclosed to Condon.

An attacker got much more than he bargained for from an elderly mother

He threatened to kill Jenneiahn several times, but while he was rummaging through the house, she dragged the chair to which she was handcuffed and retrieved her .357 magnum revolver from under her pillow.

According to a report, she hid the gun between the armrest and “waited to see what Condon did next.”

She concluded that her life was on the line after another death threat.

She then drew her weapon and shot Condon twice.

He fired back and shot her in the abdomen, leg, arm, and chest.

Condon then stumbled into the kitchen where he died from his injuries.

Jenneiahn fell to the floor and was discovered ten hours later and was brought to safety by police.

She was rushed to a local hospital and was later released.

Prosecutor:  “One of the most heroic acts of self-preservation I have ever heard of”

This week, Bingham County Prosecutor Ryan Jolley announced that Jenneiahn justifiably killed Derek Condon.

Jolley wrote in the case review shared by the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office that “this case presents an easy analysis of self-defense and justifiable homicide. It also presents one of the most heroic acts of self-preservation I have ever heard of. Christine Jenneiahn’s grit, determination, and will to live is what saved her that night.”

He added that “no person in this state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting himself. Absent a clear attempt by Condon to retreat from the residence or surrender, which based on the evidence clearly did not occur. She is 85 years old. Any reasonable person would believe it necessary to defend themselves or their disabled child under such circumstances.”

In the end, it was a satisfactory ending to a horrific and unprovoked attack.

It’s also one more example of why the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

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