Elon Musk’s next target has Google executives quivering in fear

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Elon Musk has been a wrecking ball to the Left’s monopoly on mass communication.

But his next move could be more detrimental for Democrats than his takeover of Twitter.

And Elon Musk’s next target has Google executives quivering in fear.

If you control communication, you control reality

Americans have been amazed at the Democrats’ ability to brainwash our nation with their radical agenda.

Election after election they have been able to win seats and voting demographics that no one thought was possible.

And it seems like younger generations are flocking to Democrats and their radical beliefs like never before.

Of course, this is not by coincidence.

Those who control the means of communication control reality.

That’s why Democrats are so eager to control the means of communication in our society.

Just think about it.

Nearly every cable news channel is controlled by those who hate middle America.

Even Fox News is owned by the Murdoch family, who financially supports the Democrats.

And if you aren’t watching television, then maybe you are listening to the radio on the way to work.

Audacy, which is one of the largest radio networks in the nation, is about to be owned and controlled by George Soros’ investment firm.

If you look at your emails, then you will only see content filtered and approved by Google and Outlook, which blocks countless conservative outlets from even hitting your inbox.

Thanks to Elon Musk, X is now the only social media refuge for free speech and conservatives.

Many conservative voices are now flocking to X since they won’t get banned for speaking their minds and they can reach an audience that is restricted to them on other platforms.

The mere thought of Elon Musk controlling X has Democrats and world elites weeping.

And now Elon Musk just hinted at his next big project to expand free speech.

Xmail is Democrats’ worst nightmare

With over 1.2 billion users worldwide, Gmail is by far the most popular email provider.

But most people on Gmail don’t realize that they aren’t getting all of their emails, as most emails with a conservative message are getting blocked in real time from their inbox.

Keywords that are used by conservatives will trigger a block when they end up in an email heading to your inbox.

With another news cycle breaking about Google trying to control the political narrative in this nation, one X user asked Musk, “When are we making Xmail?”

“It’s coming,” Musk responded.

This would be a devastating blow to both Google and Democrats if Elon Musk provided a free speech email platform that would allow you to see all of the messages sent your way regardless of their political persuasion.

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