Gavin Newsom’s left-wing ideology just received a devastating blow in court

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California is arguably the national model for horrible policies.

The West Coast has run as far to the Left as possible.

But Gavin Newsom’s left-wing ideology just received a devastating blow in court.

The heated fight for freedom has unfortunately spilled over into American schools.

The Left has been using America’s children as tools to propagate their radical philosophies on abortion, sexual identity, and history.

Instead of teaching children how to improve in math, students are being fed political concoctions full of woke propaganda.

California has led in teaching other left-wing cities and states how to secure their future political prospects by brainwashing the youth.

One local school district in California has begun fighting back against this radical ideology.

And they just scored a massive victory in court that sent a devastating blow to Gavin Newsom’s left-wing policies on education.

“A judge in California has upheld a local school district’s ban on the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the Temecula Unified School District, as well as a policy requiring the district to notify parents if their child decides to change genders at school,” Breitbart reported.

Last August, the Temecula school district in California was taken to court by a group of legal activists hoping to overturn the district’s ban on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical gender ideology.

Added to the curriculum in 2022, CRT teaches young kids that all aspects of life are deeply infected by racism.

The ruling, made by Judge Eric Keen of the Superior Court of Riverside County, did express sympathy towards CRT and radical gender ideology.

The Judge upheld that the district’s move was more indicative of ironing out the flaws.

This puts Newsom in the hot seat once again with the looming state aggression over how local school districts choose to educate their children.

“The ruling does not affect a separate controversy over the district’s refusal to teach a state-approved curriculum including LGBTQ figures from history, such as San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, whom a board member called a ‘pedophile,’” Breitbart reported. “Gov. Newsom fined the district $1.5 million for barring Milk from the curriculum.”

Even though the victory will likely be temporary, it joins the community with several others who have begun pushing back against the anti-parental rights movement that has spawned from the Left.

Breitbart noted that “polls suggest that the liberal state’s voters oppose Newsom: 84% of California voters back the idea that parents have a right to know.”

A new wave of anti-Marxist spirit is emerging in California.

Should Newsom continue his record of aggressively working against parental rights, a political shift could spawn in California.

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