Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on the media for this move to save Fani Willis

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ life is in shambles.

The media is in damage control mode to keep her case against Donald Trump alive.

And Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on the media for this move to save Fani Willis.

The tables have been turned on Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis in her criminal case against former President Donald Trump and 14 of his allies for challenging the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

Willis hired Nathan Wade – her admitted lover – to serve as a special prosecutor on the Trump case even though he was woefully under qualified to prosecute a complicated felony case.

She paid Wade more than $600,000 in taxpayer money that he used to pay for the couple to go on numerous vacations.

Willis is now in the hot seat over her improper relationship.

The judge in the Trump case said that she could be disqualified from the case if the allegations against her are proven true.

The Georgia case was considered by Democrats to be one of the strongest criminal cases against Trump to achieve their goal of getting a conviction.

Since Willis’ improper relationship has her case hanging by a thread, the media is trying to play the race card to save her.

Megyn Kelly and Michael Knowles destroy the New York Times for playing the race card

On SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly and her guest, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, ripped the New York Times for running a story that said Willis is a victim because she’s a black woman.

New York Times reporters Clyde McGrady and Katie Glueck ran a piece called Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women.

Kelly noted that McGrady’s bio claims he reports on “the ways race and identity shape American culture.”

“That makes sense because this is not a factual piece,” Kelly said. “This is an imagined piece by somebody who only sees the world through the racial lens.”

Willis played the race card at a black church in Atlanta shortly after the scandal broke, which is what tipped Knowles off that the story had legs.

“These corrupt politicians only play the race card when they have no other card to play,” Knowles told Kelly. “By this point in this process, we would’ve heard the best evidence for the defense of this relationship, and we have heard the best evidence is ‘one time she bought him a short flight and also she’s black.’”

“And a woman,” Kelly exclaimed. “I think that’s important to Nathan Wade.”

Knowles explained that public officials are under a white-hot spotlight, but said that they don’t receive more scrutiny because of their race or gender.

“We’re making light of this little love affair,” Knowles said. “But first of all, it does involve taxpayer money. Second of all, it’s deeply corrupt. And third of all, let’s not lose the forest for the trees here: we’re talking about an unprecedented political prosecution of the leader of the opposition.”

Fani Willis’ unforced error could sink her case against Donald Trump and crush the dreams of Democrats.

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