Riley Gaines just unleashed on the woke mob for this repulsive display

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Many leftists claim to accept people regardless of their differences.

But these same leftists often carry out evil and hateful action against anyone who steps in their way.

And Riley Gaines just unleashed on the woke mob for this repulsive display.

This mean act made headlines across the globe for all the wrong reasons

Leftists like to pretend that they stand on the side of tolerance and acceptance.

But whenever someone gets in the way of their radical political agenda, they respond with callousness and aggression. 

The gender discussion often sends the radical Left into frenzy, especially if you use the wrong pronoun or disagree with their unfounded gender theory. 

In February, legendary surfer and women’s sports activist Bethany Hamilton hosted a story hour at a library in Springfield, Missouri, where throngs of radical transgender activists protested against her.

Hamilton has spoken out against biological men competing in women’s sports, which explains the angry mob of radical leftists.

Several years ago, she also made headlines from a brutal shark attack that left her without an arm. 

As a result, one protestor brought a stuffed animal shark with the intention of making fun of Hamilton’s handicap.

In response, former University of Kentucky swimmer and female sports activist Riley Gaines blasted this hateful act on X.

“How messed up is this?” Gaines wrote. “This protester brought a shark stuffed animal to mock Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a shark. Miserable, insufferable people. But oh so ‘tolerant.’”

Both Gaines and Hamilton spoke out about this incident on Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCallum.

“This is the tactic they use time and time again,” Gaines said. “They want so desperately to mock, intimidate, and threaten those they don’t agree with into silence, but this was a step too far.”

She added that “I have no words to describe how messed up it is to directly mock Bethany Hamilton and her traumatic experience that cost her arm by bringing a shark to a children’s story hour. Dare I call this protester an ableist?”

Riley Gaines knows first hand about how far the Left will go in these types of protests.  

Last year, one protestor at the University of San Francisco attacked her and hit her across the face.

The Left’s rage and hatred has no limits

Demonstrations like this highlight the hateful nature of many left-wing activists.

Anyone who does not follow their radical agenda does not fit in their world.

Such hatred and intolerance has become increasingly present at many American colleges and universities, which causes many employers to doubt the value of some degrees. 

Those on the Left seem to have no shame and their actions show that they are not accepting or tolerant in any way. 

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