This devastating update on fake meat sent vegans crawling to their nearest safe-space

Francesc Fort, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever had a vegan attempt to sell you on the idea that their fake hamburger “tastes just like the real thing?”

Sometimes, they go the extra mile in their sales pitch and claim that, “it tastes even better than a real burger.”

But this devastating update on fake meat sent vegans crawling to their nearest safe-space.

The most annoying leftist on the planet?

There are a couple of reasons why people become vegans.

It has little to do with their health.

In fact, veganism isn’t a very healthy lifestyle.

Most vegans are doing it either for animal rights or for supposed “climate change.”

No matter their reasoning, they have something in common other than their voting history and being a pain to others.

Vegans push their diet and lifestyle on everyone around them.

And they’re not above assaulting meat-eaters at restaurants in the process.

But a new sales report is proving their antics aren’t working.

Beyond Meat: It’s NOT what’s for dinner

According to the Good Food Institute’s State of the Industry report, plant-based meat and seafood sales have peaked and are quickly heading downhill.

The study suggests the trend of spreading tofu or bean paste on a bun and calling it “meat” may finally go from a sizzle to a burnt end.

According to the Good Food Institute, sales of fake meat and fake seafood have been tumbling for two consecutive years following a surge during the pandemic.

Despite marketing gimmicks that claim plant-based meat is “better for you, and better for the planet,” sales of fake foods have dropped by 13% since 2021.

Year-over-year, volume sales were down nine percent.

And unit sales dipped 26% in that same time period.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting

Consumers aren’t just purchasing less fake meat and seafood – fewer families are allowing the items in their households.

According to the report, 19% of consumers had purchased plant-based meat or seafood in 2019.

However, that number dropped to just 15% in 2023.

Compare that to almost half of homes who said they’ve tried plant-based milk at least once in the past year.

Why are people putting the fake meats back on the shelves?

According to the report, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

The top three reasons people gave for no longer buying the fake stuff are taste, texture, and price.

Keep that in mind the next time your green-haired vegan niece tells you their “beyond” beef taco tastes better than the real thing.

The report suggested plant-based meat companies should focus on innovating ways to improve the taste and texture of their products.

But switching from canola oil to avocado oil doesn’t morph a fava bean into beef.

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