An advocacy group just asked the Supreme Court to intervene over this controversial practice at West Point

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The Democrats are corrupting every branch of the federal government and destroying its credibility.

Even the military is being affected by the woke ideologies of the Radical Left.

And now an advocacy group just asked the Supreme Court to intervene over this controversial practice at West Point.

Race-based admissions standards were rolled back at two universities in 2023

In 2023, race-based admissions at two major universities were challenged by the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA). 

After the lawsuit was escalated to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), Harvard University and the University of North Carolina were ordered to roll back the use of race to determine a student’s eligibility.

Students for Fair Admissions, Inc v. President and Fellows of Harvard College began the process of eliminating affirmative action at colleges in the United States. 

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion that the colleges were using “race as a stereotype or negative” and stated that it was in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Roberts also pointed out that the practice as a whole “will no longer be necessary” in the next 25 years.

Freedom-minded Americans celebrated the ruling and said it was just the beginning.

Thousands of applicants at West Point and the Naval Academy sorted “based on skin color” each year

Now SFFA is attempting to return to SCOTUS for another round, but this time the target is military institutions. 

The group filed a new suit against West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy in hopes that they would get another day with the highest court in the U.S. 

The lawsuits, which were filed in Maryland, hope to stop the military academies from using race as a determinant factor for admissions.

SFFA asked for a place on the emergency docket to try to get ahead of the spring acceptance period at West Point. 

The advocacy group said that “every year this case languishes in discovery, trial, or appeals, West Point will label and sort thousands more applicants based on their skin color.”

The deadline for applications has already closed for the class of 2028, and if SCOTUS doesn’t intervene immediately, then the next class will face the same discriminatory practices. 

“Should these young Americans bear the burden of West Point’s unchecked racial discrimination? Or should West Point bear the burden of temporarily complying with the Constitution’s command of racial equality?” they asked in their filing.

SFFA suit against military academies faces a major roadblock

SFFA has already faced an uphill battle and it’s not going to be easy moving forward. 

They were rejected by Judge Philip Halpern when requesting a preliminary injunction against West Point in a lower court. 

Likewise, Judge Richard Bennett in Baltimore rejected an injunction against the Naval Academy.

“A full factual record is vital to answering the critical question whether the use of race in the admissions process at West Point furthers compelling governmental interests…[and] use of race is narrowly tailored to achieve that interest,” Halpern wrote in his ruling.

Justice Sotomayor will decide whether the latest ruling against West Point will be heard by the full court. 

The left-wing Justice previously dissented in the case against Harvard and UNC by saying that the world “is not, and never has been, colorblind.” 

Sotomayor said that the ruling against Harvard and UNC would “roll back decades of precedent and momentous progress.”

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