The new border crossing numbers for January delivered a massive blow to the Left’s border ideology

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Things have started to change drastically ever since Texas decided to grab the reins and address the border crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failure to act.

After years of no government presence at the border, America can finally learn new information about the effectiveness, or the lack thereof, of certain policies.

And the new border crossing numbers for January delivered a massive blow to the Left’s border ideology.

This year might as well be dubbed as “the border year” considering how much has changed culturally, not to mention politically.

Texas, tired of inaction from President Biden and his radical Democrat allies, decided to show the country how bad the problems at the border truly are.

The southern state began transporting tens of thousands of illegal aliens released by border authorities to so-called sanctuary cities and states.

But there has been a notable shift in the national attitude regarding the border crisis.

Americans are sick and tired of the euphemistic pipedreams from the radical Left that open borders are good for the country.

Roughly 65% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s record at the border.

Most Americans also list the border crisis as Joe Biden’s greatest failure.

With Texas beginning to crack down on border crossings and refusing to subscribe to radical catch-and-release policies, there has been a noticeable fact that can be learned from the numbers, and it is not something the Left will like to hear.

Border crossings are shifting away from Texas and are beginning to shift westward towards Arizona and California.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “a new pattern emerged along the nation’s southern frontier last month: Migrant arrests plummeted at the Texas border in January compared with the same month a year ago.”

“At the same time, similar arrests soared year-over-year at entry points in California and Arizona,” the Times continued.

The reason for this shift is so clear that the Times did not even hesitate to call attention to it.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s restrictive new immigration policies, including installing razor wire along some parts of the border and a new state law that could take effect next month, could also be playing a role,” the Times reported.

The new law will give police the ability to arrest illegal immigrants, which comes attached to another provision that will increase the sentence for human trafficking from two years to ten.

The Border Patrol numbers for the El Paso and Del Rio areas show that there were less than 18,000 arrests in January of 2024, half of the amount that took place in January of 2023.

In California, however, they have conducted 25,000 arrests around the San Diego area, “a 60% increase over the same month last year, Border Patrol figures show,” noted the Times.

While there is hope that Arizona will step up their game at the border to reflect the moves made by Texas, California will only run further Left.

According to a spokeswoman for California Governor Gavin Newsom, “in the absence of any political courage from the Republican Party, California has once again stepped up – making historic investments and serving as a model of partnership for a safe and humane border.”

California is choosing to double down in support of Biden’s radical open borders agenda, despite already running out of room in many of their San Diego area migrant centers.

The far-Left state has not had to experience the worst of the border crisis, but they may soon be forced to see the reality of the situation.

If Arizona steps up their focus at the border alongside Texas, then there will likely continue to be a large shift of migration over to California.

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