This big lie could determine the fate of the conservative movement in Congress

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Conservative lawmakers are nearly extinct in Washington, D.C.

But if some Republicans get their way, then conservatism could be non-existent in the upcoming Congress. 

And this big lie could determine the fate of the conservative movement in Congress. 

Conservatives are a rare breed in Washington, D.C.

One hopes that the Republican Party would push conservative ideals and laws whenever possible in Congress. 

But if you have been paying attention at all to national politics over the years, then you realize that the conservative influence over the Republican Party has been shrinking drastically. 

Conservatives used to be able to trust Republicans in Congress to look after them and their beliefs. 

Today, Republicans can’t even guarantee the symbolic conservative votes, as they could barely even vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for his denial to defend our southern border and refusal to tell the truth to Congress. 

But there is a very small resistance group of true conservatives within the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. who are trying everything they can to hold the GOP accountable to its conservative principles. 

One of these conservatives is Congressman Bob Good of Virginia. 

When you start looking at the voting records of members of Congress, you will be hard-pressed to find a Congressman with a better conservative voting record than Bob Good.

With his near-perfect voting record for the conservative cause, one would think he would be sailing into the General Election without a care in the world.

But Bob Good decided to endorse Ron DeSantis during the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary, which means he is now enemy number one for MAGA.

And Bob Good is now in a fight for his political life, as he is being taken on by MAGA candidate John McGuire. 

The big lie from Virginia

McGuire has built his political career on lying, running for higher office, then lying again. 

He has run for office six times in the past five years. 

When he was confronted last year about whether he planned to remain a Senator or continue his climb up the political ladder and challenge Congressman Bob Good, he lied to a room full of voters and claimed he wouldn’t run against him.

“Well, number one, Bob Good has done a good job. He’s a true conservative – and we need more of them,” he said. “And I’m a true conservative and I think, you know, we should work together.”

“My pledge to you is I’m running for Virginia State Senate and I’m going to support Bob Good for reelection,” he added.


With all signs pointing towards the House being controlled narrowly by either Party after this election, what happens in the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia could spell the difference between a Republican Party that works for Washington, D.C. elites or one that fights for the conservative agenda. 

Only time will tell if people in the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia will buy John McGuire’s big lie. 

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