Tucker Carlson just found himself at the top of this list of influential conservatives

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Leftists rejoiced when Fox News parted ways with Tucker Carlson. 

But it can be argued that Carlson is more influential since going his own way. 

And Tucker Carlson just found himself at the top of this list of influential conservatives. 

Creating a conservative space for conversation

The Right has long had an issue spreading its message to a large audience. 

For decades, Rush Limbaugh was one of the few who found a workaround to bypass the Left’s stranglehold on Big Media and Big Tech. 

Eventually, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Daily Wire, Mug Club, and others came along. 

For example, U.S. Political Daily uses traditional e-mail to deliver unfiltered and uncensored news straight to your inbox. 

Then there’s Tucker Carlson, who many consider to be the new voice of the Right. 

And now a list of the most influential conservatives on X is adding credence to those claims. 

Top ten most influential conservatives

Thanks to Elon Musk, X is one of the few platforms where non-woke people can speak openly with only minimal fear of censorship. 

On his popular Substack, Culturcidal, John Hawkins compiled a list of the top 100 largest conservative accounts on X. 

To qualify, the account had to be active and had to frequently tweet about political issues. 

While Fox News nabbed the top-spot by a wide margin, Tucker Carlson scored the number-two spot and was the highest ranked individual on the list thanks to his 12.4 million followers. 

Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t too far behind Carlson with his 10.9 million followers. 

Ben Shapiro and Sean Hannity tied for fourth place with 6.5 million followers each. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s 6.3 million followers were good enough for sole possession of sixth place – and that doesn’t count the additional 3.5 million followers Cruz’s official Senate account tallied. 

Thanks to four years serving as Donald Trump’s number two, Mike Pence grabbed seventh place with his 5.6 million followers. 

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s brand of conservative libertarianism earned him 5.1 million followers and the eighth spot on the list. 

And the top ten closes out with Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dan Bongino tied with five million followers each. 

A wide variety of conservative voices

Hawkins’ list of the most influential conservatives is quite diverse. 

The age range is vast, from very seasoned citizens like Rudy Guiliani to younger millennials like Steven Crowder. 

28% of the list is female, including Congresswomen Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. 

Another 8% of the list is made up of black conservatives, like Daily Wire host Candace Owens and the HodgeTwins. 

And that doesn’t count other ethnic minorities who made the cut, like documentarian Dinesh D’Souza. 

D’Souza is tied with his fellow prolific author, Mark Levin, who is one of many Jews to qualify for the list. 

There is also strong Hispanic representation on the list. 

Along with Cruz, who made the top 10, Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s 4.5 million followers netted him the number 15 spot. 

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