Daniel Jones has fans fearful that he is going to murder someone after his latest bizarre press conference

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When there are glaring red flags that someone needs help, then they better get it before it’s too late.

Daniel Jones has the biggest red flag hoisted in a sign that he needs some serious help. 

And Daniel Jones has fans fearful that he is going to murder someone after his latest bizarre press conference.

We can all reach a breaking point

Guys never feel like they need help.

Men across the world are carrying the burdens for them and their families, which puts them on the break of sanity. 

Odds are that you have hit the breaking point a few times in your life. 

When you hit that point, there were probably signs that you were heading to that breaking point long before you broke.

Well, if there ever was a glaring sign that someone needs help, then Daniel Jones just put it on full display. 

Daniel Jones with the crazy eyes

During a presser earlier this week, Daniel Jones was talking about the people in sports media who keep bringing up the fact that his job is on the line this year after he failed to live up to his potential over the past five years. 

The Giants’ franchise quarterback stated that, “I think you can get into trouble when you try to think too much about some of those things and how it all works out. Yeah, like your antenna for some of those dynamics and relationships. I’m just focused on what I’m doing, and that’s my rehab, getting healthy, spending time with the guys, and making sure we’re getting on the same page and having the best spring we can.”

But it wasn’t his words that made this press conference alarming.

It was his crazy eyes. 

The man had the eyes of a mass murderer on full display. 

But let’s be honest, can you blame Daniel Jones for having those crazy eyes?

Imagine being the quarterback for the New York Giants. 

It isn’t a coincidence that Eli Manning had the same deranged look in his eyes while on the field. 

Knowing that you are playing for one of the worst offenses in the NFL is enough to fill you with relentless stress.

Having to deal with obnoxious and disgruntled New York Giants fans who always think they are a top-tier team only to be crushed by reality will destroy your spirit.

But Daniel Jones has also had his bones crushed on a weekly basis as the quarterback for the Giants. 

Daniel Jones has been sacked 179 times over the past five years, which is insane to imagine. 

Some games he has had as many as 10 sacks against him. 

Imagine how crazy you would be if you were crushed 179 times in the past five years by 300-plus pound men. 

If you were in Daniel Jones’ shoes, then you would have crazy Charles Manson-like eyes too. 

Hopefully he can turn his career around this year. 

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