Race-baiting leftist Shaun King just found a new grift at the beginning of Ramadan

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The radical Left has a deep bench of activists who like to stir up race relations in America.

One of their biggest assets in the past has been a former pastor from Brooklyn, New York, named Shaun King. 

And race-baiting leftist Shaun King just found a new grift at the beginning of Ramadan.

Shaun King knows no bounds when it comes to stirring up controversy

Shaun King spent much of his adult life as a pastor before he became a racial justice activist who despises Christianity. 

In 2017, he explained his shift in a post on Facebook. 

“I was a Christian pastor for nearly 15 years. It disgusts me to see white supremacy & American bigotry masquerading as Christianity today,” he wrote.

In 2018, King led the digital assault on a white man named Robert Cantrell by falsely asserting that he had killed a seven-year-old black girl in Houston, Texas. 

After sharing his image online and labeling him a “racist,” Cantrell was harassed and ultimately took his own life.

King even went as far as trying to cancel Jesus by claiming that statues of the Christian savior represented “white supremacy.” 

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” he wrote in a post on social media.

King attempted to take responsibility for hostage negotiations with Hamas

King’s most recent controversy happened in late 2023 amid escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine. 

The infamous activist claimed that he helped free an American teenager and her mother after they were captured and held hostage by Hamas. 

A since-deleted Instagram post from his page stated that “Hamas has just freed the teenager Natalie Raanan and her mother. I’m grateful.”

“As I said last week, Natalie and her family have been supporters of mine and protested police violence in America alongside us,” he continued.

The family rejected the assertion that they were his supporters.

“Our family does not and did not have anything to do with him, neither directly nor indirectly,” they said in a statement.

King is accused of textbook grifting

King is in the headlines again after he gave Christianity a final farewell. 

“One of the best news I’ve heard for Ramadan is BROTHER @shaunking accepted Islam,” Hasib Noor wrote on X. 

Social media erupted at the announcement. 

One explanation went viral after a young woman exposed King’s upcoming high-dollar ticketed speaking events. 

Andrea Karshan said that King’s action matched the very definition of “grifting.”

Independent Journalist Andy Ngô reminded his readers that King was a “BLM hoaxer” and formerly “identified as a Christian Pastor,” but now just “uses his large social media platform to threaten people.” 

Another viral post claimed that the “Islamic republic’s strategy is unfolding with surgical precision” and this was part of a “large network of influencers” who are pushing “anti-western narratives.”

It won’t be long before whatever King is up to is exposed.

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